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How to Be Kind to Your Neighbors

Now is the perfect time to demonstrate how our actions can positively impact others. Let’s explore how to brighten the day of seniors, single mothers and the overall community by using your phone.

Most senior citizens spend their days by themselves. An absolute delight to them would be a knock on the door to drop off a handmade gift, pay them a surprise visit or offer to help them, including getting their mail, walking their dogs and shoveling their driveway. If you cannot see them in person, a phone call to see how they are doing will often make their day.

Single mothers
Many single mothers do not feel as supported as much as they should be. If one of your friends is struggling to balance motherhood and life, why not lend them a hand? Be kind and ask which chores around the house need to be done. Given it is winter, this could mean chopping firewood, cleaning the gutters and showing them the latest Disney+ or Netflix videos to stream to help put their kids down for a nap or bedtime.

Where you live deserves attention. Just like people, communities can benefit from a charitable action. Consider organizing a park or beach cleanup with your neighbors. Plant an herb garden or volunteer at the pound to walk four-legged community members.

Phone calls
A phone call demonstrates that someone is on your mind. This may be the greatest act of kindness of seeing another person as their best possible self. Pick up your phone and shine your light on others.

Q Link Wireless is here for you and your community
We are honored to be part of America’s communities. If someone you love lives alone, program emergency numbers into their Q Link Wireless free cellphone. They could use their UNLIMITED talk & text toward in case they fall or need help. Please remind them that any call to 911 is FREE with Q Link Wireless. Users receive 3 Gigs of Data every month from Q Link Wireless.

To receive FREE phone service, you first must be approved through the National Verifier. You can bring your own phone and keep your number to experience our 5G network coverage. We will ship you a FREE SIM Card Kit so you can get UNLIMITED talk & text if you already participate in government programs such as SNAP and Medicaid. Once approved, you can begin the phone activation process to receive FREE phone service online.


Invite your neighbors over to stream trending videos or dance to your perfect playlist.


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