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4 Easy Tips for Cell Phone Savings

These days, it’s hard for most people to imagine life without their cell phones. However, with nearly half of Americans reporting that their cell phone bills are more than $100 per month, having a cell phone can also be a pretty major expense. If you want to enjoy all the benefits that phone ownership can bring while saving some money in the process, here are some easy ways to cut back on your phone-related expenses.

1. Protect Your Phone
Start by taking measures to protect your phone from theft and damage. When you head out in public with your phone, keep it on you at all times (in a pocket or purse). Never leave your phone unattended for any amount of time, as it may be stolen. Also, you can protect your phone from damage by outfitting it with a quality case and screen protector. A phone case is also a great way to add some personality to your phone.

2. Take Advantage of Freebies
There are millions of apps available for download these days, but be careful about the apps you’re downloading, as paid apps can rack up a lot of additional expenses to your bill. Most apps offer a free version, so stick with that, and avoid spending on in-app purchases that some free apps sell.

You can also get coupons sent straight to your phone! Many stores and restaurants offer rewards programs that will send text messages with coupon codes straight to your phone. Check the store’s website or ask when you’re at the register. Keep in mind that regular texting rates still apply to these promotions, so don’t overdo it. Only pick the ones you really want.

3. Connect to Wi-Fi as Often as Possible
Unlimited data plans are few and far between these days, and most carriers now charge if you go over your monthly data limits. Be sure to connect to keep your phone connected to Wi-Fi as much as possible so you don’t use your data up when you don’t need to. This gives you internet access through your phone without having to pay extra for data.

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