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Six Ways to Enjoy Extra Savings at Costco

Larger families or those who simply like to save money by buying groceries often shop in bulk. Shopping at Costco can save a lot of money compared to your traditional grocery store. If you aren’t a Costco member, or even if you’ve been shopping there for a long time, here are some easy ways you could save TONS of money!

1. Reap benefits without a membership

First of all, you actually need a membership to benefit from Costco’s savings! Believe it or not, you may be able to buy alcohol and prescription drugs at Costco without a membership. That’s because laws and regulations make it illegal for businesses to require a membership in order to purchase certain government-regulated items. Typically, if you want to buy these items without a membership, a store manager will just enter a general membership or override code at the register. Simple as that!

2. Share a Costco membership

If you can’t afford the cost of an annual membership on your own, consider splitting the cost of a Costco membership with somebody else in your household. You could spend as little as $25 for a one-year membership if you’re splitting it with another person! Plus, you’ll each get your own membership card as long as you live at the same address.

3. Small apartment? Try this!

If you live in an apartment, you may not have much space for keeping bulk groceries. But you do have neighbors who might want to enjoy savings with you! Bring your friends or neighbors to shop at Costco with you. You can bring up to two guests per visit, but only the Costco member can pay at the register. Split the bill, and then split the purchases so you don’t have to find room to store them!

4. Know where to find the best deals

Shop strategically to maximize your savings! Typically, you’ll find the best deals (especially clearance and heavily discounted items) toward the middle of the store. Be on the lookout for large displays or items on pallets; these are usually low-priced item that Costco wants to get rid of. On the other hand, be sure to avoid the ends of aisles, which tend to hold more expensive items.

5. Fill up on those free samples

If you visit during lunch time, chances are, you can fill up on the free food samples typically given out around this time of day! Even if you stop in just once a week for some samples instead of your usual drive-thru lunch, this can save you hundreds of dollars per year. Plus, this is a great way to try out food before you buy it!

6. Decode the pricing system

Did you know Costco uses a system of numbers and symbols to tell whether an item has been marked down from its original price?

Regularly priced items will end in .99 (like $7.99). So if you see price tags ending in 97 cents, 79 cents, 49 cents, or 89 cents, you know these prices have been marked down. And the savings are usually much higher than just a few cents! Check price tags carefully to see where the savings are.

Plus, items marked with an asterisk (*) on the price tag usually indicate items that won’t be re-ordered. That means Costco won’t be carrying them anymore, so they’re trying to clear out their inventory.

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