Thursday, October 5, 2023

Seven Ways Cell Phones Are Saving Lives

blog_images_cell_africaThe words cell phone and health don’t often go hand in hand, but for one small village in the Central American nation of Honduras, the words have been perfectly united.

Researchers from the University of Michigan recently landed in Honduras to conduct a study on cell phones and diabetes. The six-week study involved giving diabetic patients access to a cell phone. The doctors would then call or text the patients to remind them to test their blood sugar and take their medications.

The results? The cell phones were saving lives! The patients reported the cell phones helped them to improve their diabetes management and general health. These patients, many of whom had very high blood pressure and severe diabetes, showed improvement with their overall blood-sugar level, outlook, and health.

Here are some other ways that cell phones are helping save lives:

  1. For many women who are struggling to get out of an abusive relationship, a cell phone may be their only lifeline to the outside world. Cell phones help women find new homes, keep in touch with loved ones, or protect themselves in domestic violence cases.

2. In Sub-Saharan Africa, doctors are using cell phones to check up on patients and monitor mothers and infants who are HIV positive. The doctors will send routine text reminders about medication. These texts have been shown to help patients withtheir overall health and viral suppression of the AIDs virus.

3. After the 201o earthquake in Haiti, cell phones were widely used to reach out to loved ones because landlines and electricity were out. One man who was trapped in a collapsed building for five days used his cell phone to text emergency services. They were able to find the man and rescue him because of GPS tracking. All because of a text!

4. For Emergencies: More than 291,000 cell phone calls are made daily to 911.

5. Text4Baby, a U.S. based free text messaging service provides expectant mothers with health tips and information three times a week. A great resource for low-resource families who need prenatal care, mothers-to-be can sign up by texting baby’ (English) or bebe (Spanish) to 511411.

6. In the U.S., the Federal Communications Commission has implemented text messages to alert the public of emergencies including natural disasters, terrorism, extreme weather, or child abductions.

7. Three years ago Leigh Fazzina, a triathlon contestant, fell off her her bike and down a hill landing on her shoulders. Afraid and alone, she yelled out for help but no one could hear her. That’s when she remembered she had her Blackberry. She tried to make a call but the signal wouldn’t connect. Desperate for help she tried her Twitter app. It worked! She tweeted, “I’ve had a serious injury and NEED Help! Can someone please call Winding Trails in Farmington, CT tell them I’m stuck bike crashed in woods.” Instantly six of her followers called 911 and Fazzina was rescued just 18 minutes after she sent her first tweet.


Now you see all the great things cell phones can do.

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