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Nine Free (and Fun!) Ideas for a Memorable Summer Staycation

Escaping the hustle and bustle of everyday life doesn’t have to mean getting out of town –or spending money! Here are nine ways to have a memorable summer staycation for the whole family. Relax, recharge, and repeat.

Fun Activities for Adults

1. Be a Tourist

Mix it up by sightseeing in your own town! Do research through guidebooks and online resources the same way that you would for any out-of-town summer vacation. Pretend you’re a tourist and discover the best free activities your city has to offer, such as museum days, yoga classes, workshops, art galleries, festivals, tastings, farmer’s markets and more.

2. Go Stargazing

Bring out your inner astronomer and download a free stargazing app. Grab some blankets, your smart device and head to the highest point in your area to get the best view of constellations after sundown.

3. Learn a Foreign Language

Bring the romantic languages home to you! Download the free Duolingo app and immerse in a new language, be it Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Dutch or Irish. No passport required.

Fun Activities for Kids

4. Go Geocaching

Take your sense of adventure to the great outdoors. Download the free Geocaching app to find hidden gems around your city. Take a hike, find the treasure, log it online and keep exploring.

5. Make a Splash 

Head out for some free fun in the sun at a nearby beach, lake, river or city pool for your summer staycation. If you’re outdoors, remember to teach kids about being kind to nature by hosting a fun beach cleanup contest. Winner takes home an ice cream sundae!

6. Go Camping

Check the calendar for free national park days and take the whole family into the wild. With more than 400 national parks, you’re sure to find the perfect nearby scenery for hiking, biking, bird watching, canoeing and more.

Fun Activities for Seniors

7. Take A Virtual Museum Tour

Take a virtual museum tour without ever leaving your living room. Enjoy some cultural indulgence through the Smithsonian Museum of Natural History, The Louvre, the National Gallery of Art and dozens more!

8. Host A Film Festival

Grab plenty of sweet and salty snacks and invite your friends and family over for movies. See how many films you can squeeze in during one day. Make sure to rate them and provide commentary like a true Hollywood critic.

9. Reading Marathon

The best part about a summer staycation is the chance to unplug and unwind. Visit your local library to check out as many books and you can carry. Set up a lounge chair outside, throw on some sunscreen and dive into a great novel.

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