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How to Score Big with the Qlixar Reward App

  Wanna hear something awesome? Qlixar gets you Data and minutes for FREE. Nice! The Qlixar app is Q Link's way of making sure you can keep your phone going strong, all month long. By answering surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, and more,  you earn points that can be exchanged...
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Tackling Spring Cleaning

Ah, spring. The season of rebirth. Come to think of it, nothing says new beginnings  like a freshly cleaned household. That's probably why Spring Cleaning is such a commonly accepted practice. Having a designated season for tidying up is great for us lazy bums who blissfully ignore accumulating dust until...
The Q Link Lost Phone Survival Guide
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The Lost Phone Survival Guide

There's a 56 percent chance that you're reading this article on a phone right now. Many of us have our smartphones pretty much glued to our hands at this point. During dull moments, you're probably staring at a tiny glowing rectangle rather than doing anything else. Which is why it's...
Q link Wireless Bring your own Phone
Q Link Wireless

Bring Your Own Phone to Q Link Wireless

Like most things in life, smartphones can be extremely personal. Any given individual could prefer a different model of smartphone just like they would prefer a certain food or style choice. It's all down to taste and comfort. Drawing on this, Q Link Wireless has just launched the new Bring...

The Top Five Most Addictive Mobile Phone Games

It lurks around every corner. It creeps up on you as you sit at your desk, stalks you as you wait for the bus, and pounces in between every drawn-out yawn. Boredom. Luckily, we've taken to carrying portable boredom-slayers with us wherever we go: our smartphones. While they primarily serve...
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Browsing the Web Safely on Your Smartphone

As technology and the internet become ever more embedded into the modern world, each new step we take becomes as treacherous as it is exciting. The digital realm is a hub of knowledge, feeding our need to connect to the world around us. Unfortunately, it has also become a hive...
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Making Community Connections with Q Link

When given the opportunity to affect your community in a positive way, how often do you jump at the chance? At Q Link, our job has always been to connect people through telecommunication. But we see no reason to stop at just phones. On December 12, 2017, with the aid...
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