ACP for Tribal Lands: How it Makes a Difference

acp for tribal lands

ACP for Tribal Lands Can Help Bridge the Digital Divide Among Native Americans

Native Americans living on Tribal Lands have less access to affordable high-speed internet service than the rest of the country. Only 67 percent of Tribal Lands in the U.S. have access to broadband internet, according to an American Indian Policy Institute analysis in 2021. Most Native Americans with internet access have broadband speeds considered “minimally acceptable” by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). As a result, the National Communications and Information Administration (NTIA) has awarded 19 grants under the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) for tribal lands. Benefits of the ACP for tribal lands include a discount of up to $75 per month for households on qualifying lands.

These benefits will provide internet and cell phone service to millions of low-income Americans who live on eligible tribal lands. This initiative is described as the Enhanced Tribal Benefit, as most eligible low-income households receive a discount of up to only $30 on monthly broadband Internet access.

What is the Affordable Connectivity Program?

The ACP program is one of the latest government benefit programs created by the FCC. It offers discounted monthly broadband services and connected internet devices to low-income households. Through the ACP, Q Link Wireless can provide participants FREE UNLIMITED Data, Talk, & Text every month. When you live on rural tribal lands, you can benefit from our 4G LTE/5G network to stay connected with friends, family, work, school, 911 Emergency services, and much more. No longer will you be part of the digital divide that disproportionately affects people of color with lower incomes.

Why Tribal Lands are the Least Connected to High-Speed Internet

acp for tribal lands benefit

Native American communities are far behind the rest of the U.S. when it comes to experiencing high-quality broadband connectivity. Several factors contribute to their lack of internet service, but some of the most prominent are:

  • High poverty rates: 1 in 3 Native Americans live in poverty in the U.S., according to research from Northwestern.
  • Low-income levels: Native American households across the U.S. make eight cents for every dollar that the average white American makes, according to the Center for Community and Economic Development. One in five Native Americans living on tribal lands experiences lower incomes than nationwide Native Americans.
  • Poor infrastructure: The lack of infrastructure on tribal lands is a major contributing factor. However, service providers prefer building cell towers where hundreds of residents live rather than scarcely populated tribal lands. While there is strong demand for cell towers in tribal lands, service providers lose money pouring resources into sparsely populated locations.
  • Living in a remote area: Tribal lands are rural, and these locations are notorious for poor cellular service. But again, carriers don’t find it fiscally wise to build networks in underprivileged areas.

ACP for tribal lands can significantly benefit individuals who need critical societal access. To participate in the Affordable Connectivity Program, individuals must meet the eligibility requirements.

Do I Qualify for the ACP?

You can determine if you qualify for the Enhanced Tribal Benefit if your household meets the following criteria, according to

If you currently participate in Lifeline, you automatically qualify for the ACP.

Learn more about whether you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program if you live on tribal lands.

Benefits of the ACP for Tribal Lands

When you participate in the ACP with Q Link Wireless, you will benefit in many ways. As a customer, you will receive:

  • UNLIMITED Data, Talk, & Text
  • UNLIMITED Picture Messaging
  • Access to 10 million FREE Wi-Fi Locations
  • FREE SIM Card Kit & Activation

You will also be able to keep the number you know and love by transferring it to our network.

Are you ready to experience FREE cell phone service with UNLIMITED monthly Data, Talk, & Text? If you are eligible, and need high-speed internet connectivity, find out if you qualify for the Affordable Connectivity Program. Sign up with Q Link Wireless today. It only takes five minutes.