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Best Cash Back Apps to Earn Rewards and Save Money

best cash back apps

If you want your shopping to be a money-saving experience, there are multiple go-to apps for the best cash back you can use and earn rewards.

These apps enable you to lower your expenses and maintain your budget. When you make purchases via the apps, you get cash back. This means you earn points for each item you buy. It’s like getting rewarded for shopping. So, shopping becomes a 50-50 situation since the seller earns revenue from the sold items while you save a significant amount of money from buying them at a discount.

Cash back apps automate the exhausting and overwhelming hard work that comes with manually searching for the best deals. If you have a receipt, some of these cash back apps to earn rewards and save money will even award you for shopping at brick-and-mortar stores. It’s worth the effort using these cash back sites since they offer rewards that save a lot of money.

If you are a savvy shopper looking for cash apps to save on the expenses you make, keep reading to find the best cash back apps to earn rewards and save money.

cash back apps

1. iBotta

iBotta is an easy-to-use app for earning cash back on your everyday shopping at in-store and online retailers. The downloadable app is available for both iOS and Android.

Unlock the products you’ve purchased at any of the stores listed on the iBotta. Then scan the barcodes to verify your purchases and submit a receipt photo. Now cash in the money and in 48 hours it’ll appear in your iBotta account. The app keeps evolving and now many users can process receipts in realtime.

iBotta says their average users save about $30 per month which they can use to purchase something else.

2. Swagbucks

Making your purchases via Swagbucks is another way to get cash backs to earn rewards in exchange for any purchase you make. This app is in partnership with 1500 retailers and has $327 million in cash back and gift cards paid to its users.

To gain access to Swagbucks cash back, simply shop via its site. Also, you can download the apps’ browser extension and find any store it has partnered with and how much cash back and rewards you stand to earn. However, in Swagbucks, you don’t get paid for shopping. You can do the following to earn Swagbucks rewards:

  • Play games online
  • Take surveys
  • Sign up for offers with Swagbucks partner merchants
  • Watch videos
  • Refer friends
  • Do other activities online

cash back apps

3. Target Circle

As one of the best cash back apps to earn rewards and save money, Target Circle offers benefits in its new program. They include having:

  • one percent cash back later per purchase,
  • Your birthday buy discount at 5 percent
  • Over $35 in orders fetches you a free next-day delivery, special offers to early sales and a four-week period of same-day deliveries for free

Check out the four ways you can earn Target Circle rewards:

  1. In store: You just have to scan your wallet or enter your phone number.
  2. Online: Use your account when shopping.
  3. Link your Target RedCard.
  4. Enter your receipt on the dashboard provided you forget to scan.

4. TopCashBack

When it comes to apps for cash back with a massive number of retailers partners, TopCashBack is there for you. The app offers great deals and enables you to earn 100-percent cash back as shopping on its site entails dealing with over 4,000 of its retailer partners. When you sign up, you earn over $10 bonus.

In addition, getting a friend to sign up and make a purchase with TopCashBack app fetches you a referral bonus of $10.

The awesome perks TopCashBack offers ranks it among the best cash back apps to use.

5. Drop

This user-friendly app needs you to download it, link up it with a credit card(s) for it to serve you enormously.

It offers you many benefits that involve earning point on each purchase you make everywhere including restaurants, gas stations, Uber rides etc. The Drop app also gives special offers that help you take advantage of saving opportunities so long as you browse it in search of them.

Referring friends allows you a $5 reward using your special code.

6. Ebates

With about 2,000 stores connected, Ebates operates both in online shops and physical stores. The apps allows you double cash back offers and coupon offers. Its cash backs offers apply to purchases linked to travel, health, beauty, electronics, auto, clothing, accessories, home products and more.

Buying in the Ebates site gets you a 3 percent cash back on your credit cards. To access Ebates, download the Ebates app for either iOs or Android. The Ebates cash back extension is also available for installation on your Chrome browser.

Joining Ebates alone offers you an automatic $10 signup bonus. Your referral payout for the first person is $5, $30 for the next and $40 for the third.

When your Ebates account reaches $20, you’re free to cash it out through check or PayPal. NOTE: Ebates has now joined with Rakuten, which is also talked about in this article.

7. Berry Cart

Berry Cart is specifically created as a cash back app on purchasing healthy food selections. It lets you earn rewards and save money when buying all-natural, organic, non-GMO, soy-free, gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian foods.

So, apart from saving money with the app in your food purchases, it also helps you maintain a healthy lifestyle. It takes only having your printed receipts of the items you bought to receive your cash backs.

Berry Cart is available in over 100,000 locations and they include Walmart, Target and Whole Foods.

The many Berry Cart app features include:

  • Providing information about any product being featured, to helping you learn how it works before unlocking it.
  • Berry Cart provides an average of $0.75 to $1.50 in cash back for every item purchased plus signup process and referral bonuses.
  • With a minimum of $5, the app allows you to cash out via PayPal or gift cards.

8. FetchRewards

Here is another cash back app for saving money via groceries. Fetch Rewards is your ideal way to earn points for scanning every grocery receipt. With this app, you must not shop at particular stores or redeem offers before purchasing. It also allows you to benefit from cash backs from drugstores, convenience stores and liquor stores.

9. BeFrugal

BeFrugal operates like Ebates but its cash out request is much better. Joining BeFrugal alone offers you $10 as registration bonus plus a $5 referral bonus that comes later.

With Ebates, you get paid out every quarter but when it comes to cash out, but BeFrugal allows you to get it so long as as your account has reached a $25 minimum amount. The app makes payments via PayPal, direct bank deposit, check, or gift cards.

10. Dosh

Dosh is a highly user-friendly cash back mobile app that allows you to download its app and link a credit card(s) to your account. Your first linked card fetches you $5 earnings. Using that card in any of its partner stores lets you receive that money.

The site deals with both big chain stores and local spots which is unique. It offers a feature that informs you of its cash back partner stores and other spots near you if you allow it to. This Dosh app makes life much easier as it helps you identify where to spend and save money instead of allowing you to wear yourself out searching.

The app also benefits you via a $5 referral bonus, a $25 cash out minimum in your account. To redeem your cash, it uses Paypal, Venmo, or direct deposit.

11. Shopkick

Using Shopkick gives you access to in-store and online earnings. It takes shopping for items in your regular stores, then scanning them and making a purchase to end up with reward points. The app refers to reward points as “kicks,” and usually kick start savings for you whenever you get and redeem points for any gift certificates at the stores you frequent most.

Shopkick keeps expanding and will attract many more partners to be able to add on to the list of redeemable features. Right now, they are partners with AMC, Marshalls, and a few of the other brands you may want to purchase their products.

12. Rakuten

Rakuten which partners with up to 2,500 stores is undoubtedly one of the best cash back apps to earn rewards and save money each time you shop in their site. Just by signing up an account with them for free, you’ve three ways to earn cash:

  • Making a direct purchase via automatically gets you cash back.
  • When you download the Rakuten Cash Back Button, you get a notification from the extension to activate your cash back as you’re shopping at a Rakuten partner store. This is when you save money using the app during a purchase.
  • Shopping on your iOS or Android phone using the Rakuten app more than your computer fetches you cash back too.

Rakuten allows you to cash out via Paypal or Check every few months. What’s unique is that as a new member, you receive $10 as a welcome bonus once you’ve spent your first $25 within three months at a partner store. A $25 referral bonus awaits all users who invite a family member or friend to the system provided the referred user makes a purchase. With all these, Rakuten discounts are worth the efforts users put on having them.

13. Checkout 51

Checkout 51 works pretty much like iBotta and comes with many advantages when it comes to grocery shopping. On Thursdays they usually display many money-saving offers. You just need to enter the app, load the offers you want and move to the stores. To receive the cash back, make sure you upload your receipt pictures.

Despite the similarities both Ibotta and Checkout 51 have, they differ when it comes to redeeming offers as Checkout 51 allows offers to be redeemed at any store. This implies that using the Checkout 51 app at the national level is much easier. When you’re able to get at least $20 of earnings with this app, you can now transfer your rewards from Checkout 51 to cash into your bank account.

14. FreeBird

FreeBird has many similarities with both Dosh and Drop, but when it comes to specific activity rewards, they are different, such as riding with Uber or Lyft. When you take specific rides to specific restaurants or bars in your area, the Freebird app offers you cash back. You can use the app in combination with every credit or discount offered to you via your Uber or Lyft app.

It’s quite user-friendly as you simply have to link a card, followed by making a booking for a ride via Freebird. The rates it records comes straight from Uber or Lyft. This means you don’t have to bother about any higher costs because they use the same Uber or Lyft prices. Instead, you benefit by saving money through a cash back that shows up in your account later.

15. Paribus

One unique benefit that comes with the Paribus app is that it will refund you for an item price that dropped after your purchased has been made. Paribus is built to also monitor the behavior of prices to the advantage of its users at major retailers, including the likes of Amazon, Walmart, and Target. This also includes rates for hotel rooms on Priceline,, Expedia, as well as other travel and hotel websites.

Once you sign up an account, the Paribus app is allowed to track your confirmation emails to help you target lower prices to help you choose the most money-saving sites at particular hours and days. Paribus boosts of finding savings of up to $29 million for people using its app.

16. Receipt Hog

As one of the best cash back apps to earn rewards and save money, the Receipt Hog app doesn’t restrict you into make specific item purchases before saving money.

Just go ahead and scan every purchase receipt and earn your “coins”. These are “coins” you earn to redeem for cash, vouchers, gift cards, as well as other rewards.

To go up in the level that enables you to earn as much rewards to save enough money as you would like, you just have to increase the number of receipts you upload.

best cash back apps


If you’ve a specific goal you want to save money to achieve or you want to just cut down on your expenses, make the above best cash back apps to earn rewards and save money your go-to apps. They are your ideal ways to get rewarded for all the money you’re already set to spend. These cash back apps come with a wide range of features to help you earn rewards and save money.

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