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Should You Call or Send a Text?

Everyone knows you shouldn’t pick up your phone when you are talking to someone else, driving on highways or watching a movie. However, there are now a few gray areas when it comes to the right way to communicate. It may not be clear as to when talking or texting is more appropriate. Let’s explore the different scenarios for each.

Text away
Texting is the perfect way to share a tidbit of information. One in three people prefer texting over talking, and 94 texts is the average number of texts each American receives every day. It could be a message that you are running low on milk or have arrived at your agreed upon destination. Texting is fine if you want to share good news, such as a birth, graduation or reassuring update. With big news, it might be fine to share that something is happening and then do a follow-up call later. You can also text when you are not going to be available to avoid anybody worrying or to check in when someone is having a bad day or not feeling well.

Pick up the phone
There are times in life when conversations need to happen directly. This could be delivering tough news, asking hard questions or having difficult conversations. Sending a text for those moments may result in hurt feelings and resentment. Picking up the phone is preferred if you want to avoid multiple questions during a texting thread. The one phone etiquette rule you absolutely must follow is to call to start a relationship and end one. Asking someone out on a date over text is not the height of romance. Calling time on a relationship over text may increase your odds of having an unfavorable reputation for years to come.


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While some believe talking on the phone is losing popularity, they should think again. Fifty-three percent of Americans prefer talking to texting. Knowing the right time to call and text is essential to being in step with today’s modern manners. Ready to connect with America? Q Link Wireless offers you 3 Gigs of Data, plus UNLIMITED talk & text. Now that you know the right time to text and call, go out and connect with the rest of America.

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