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Signs That You May Be Addicted to Your Smartphone

We all love our smartphones. Smartphones are communication, entertainment, knowledge, safety, convenience... all wrapped up in one simple package. Many would even say their entire lives are run through and organized by their smartphones. So naturally we need to be using them all the time. Reliable and accessible phone service...
how to deal with missing big milestones
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How to Deal with Missing Big Milestones

How to Deal with Missing Big Milestones One of the biggest emotional stressors during COVID-19, or any other life crisis, is dealing with missing big milestones. How exactly can you deal with missing big milestones? We all have goals and plans for ourselves. Most of these objectives are pretty specific,...
how to make a budget and stick to it
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How to Make a Budget and Stick to It

Many people associate the word “budget” to something blasphemous, but that shouldn’t be the case. Having a set budget can help you meet your long-term financial goals. However, many people have no clue where to begin. To help you meet your financial goals, here are some simple steps to make a...
Peanut Butter Recipes - Fast and Easy
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Peanut Butter Recipes – Easy and Fast

The average American eats more than seven pounds of peanuts a year. Sixty percent of those tasty legumes come in the form of peanut butter. While we may adore the taste and convenience of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, peanut butter is too versatile not to play around with other...
Kids Chores by Age
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Kids’ Chores by Age

At a young age, children should be shown by their parents how to approach the world and given coping mechanisms to deal with challenging situations. Each child should see themselves as a member of the family who takes part in running the household. Kids chores by age reminds children of...
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