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FREE Government Tablet in California

free government tablet

California may have one of the largest economies in the United States, but millions of California residents live under the poverty line. As a result, many Californians find it difficult to buy basic needs, like high-speed broadband internet. As the White House states, high-speed connectivity is no longer a luxury-it’s a necessity. Thankfully, low-income Americans can get help paying their internet bills because of government programs like the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP). The ACP provides FREE cellular and internet services so that Americans can stay connected to friends, family, school, work, 911 Emergency service calls, etc. As a leading provider of the ACP, Q Link Wireless also offers eligible ACP subscribers a FREE government Tablet to California residents when they sign up for our service.

Keep reading to see how you can also get a FREE Tablet in California. 

Who Is Eligible for a FREE Government Tablet?

free government tablet acp

Free government Tablets are not exclusive to California. With the ACP Program, any low-income household in the U.S can receive one. Low-income refers to households (or individuals) with an income of 200% or less than the Federal government poverty guideline.

Additionally, if you live in California and participate in a government assistance program, including the Lifeline Program, you may be eligible for a FREE Tablet from Q Link Wireless. Programs that secure your eligibility include: 

  • Lifeline 
  • CalFresh (SNAP)
  • Medicaid
  • Supplemental Security Income (SSI)
  • Federal Public Housing Assistance
  • Veterans and Survivors Pension Benefits Fund and more
  • The Special Supplemental Nutrition Program for Women, Infants, and Children (WIC)

ACP subscribers under our network not only get a new Tablet to enjoy, but we offer FREE UNLIMITED Cell Phone Service on our fast coverage 4G LTE/5G network. You can apply on our website, and in most cases, get approved instantly. In the event you aren’t immediately approved, make sure you have the required documents to prove your identification and eligibility. Some examples of documents you will need are:

  •  Three current pay stubs
  •  Child support and spousal support documents
  •  W-2 statements from tax returns
  •  Social security benefits statement
  •  Pension or social security retirements benefit document

Benefits of Having A Tablet

Free Tablets – that’s a concept we can all get on board with, largely thanks to their many benefits. Our phones are capable of a lot, but a Tablet provides a much-needed backup if our smartphones are inaccessible. They have become a valuable asset for individuals who travel frequently. Their lightweight, sleek designs make them more portable than laptops, allowing individuals to take them anywhere. As a customer at Q Link Wireless, you’ll always have cellular connectivity on our fast coverage 4G LTE/5G network, providing access to the internet wherever you go.

Join Q Link Wireless for a FREE Government Tablet

California is a prosperous state, but unfortunately, thousands of residents cannot afford to buy one and enjoy high-speed internet. Now you can with Q Link Wireless’ 4G LTE/5G network. If you’re a California resident, now you know you can receive a FREE government Tablet through the Affordable Connectivity Program. First, sign up with Q Link Wireless to see if you’re eligible. Once your application is approved, we will ship your device within days, which is subject to a contribution of a $10.01 co-payment. This offer is funded by the ACP and subject to product availability.

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