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Free Cell Phone Service for Life Unlimited Everything New York

New York was one of the hardest-hit states during the unprecedented times of the COVID-19 pandemic. From Westchester to Tompkins County, Q Link Wireless is the first phone carrier in 10 years to serve every resident, regardless of income in New York.


Everyone knows New Yorkers love to talk. The world will either love or hate Q Link Wireless for providing The Empire State with

  • 5GB of data
  • unlimited talk and text
  • free SIM Card shipping and activation
  • 10 million Wi-Fi auto-connect spots


New subscribers, bring your own phone to our newly expanded network. Call loved ones, binge-watch your favorite shows and show the world, why everyone wants to live in New York.

“I grew up in New York City and know this free phone service will help a lot of families, especially during these unprecedented times,” explains Issa Asad, founder and CEO of Q Link Wireless. “There are many underserved rural families who have a right to communicate and connect with the world.”


About Q Link Wireless

Q Link Wireless is a pioneer in the telecommunications industry. The company understands that communication is essential to connect with loved ones, employers and emergency services. Q Link Wireless is able to offer free and discounted wireless services because they are an approved provider of the federal Lifeline Assistance program. The Lifeline Assistance program was created in 1984 by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) under Ronald Reagan and updated in 1996. It allows low-income individuals who cannot afford a mobile phone to obtain one at affordable rates, ensuring they have basic communication services that help them live safely and productively. The Lifeline Assistance program is funded by collective fees that make up the Universal Service Fund (USF). These USF fees are collected by all wireless service providers. Created in 1997 by the FCC, the USF meets universal service goals to monetarily contribute towards the safeguarding and advancement of accessible and reasonable communication services.

Want to find out if you qualify for Lifeline and/or ACP? 

Sign up today with Q Link Wireless.


Signing up only takes 5 minutes!

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