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Happy Mother’s Day From Q Link Wireless

Mother’s Day in the United States is Sunday, May 13, 2018. This is a day set aside to honor motherhood, and is celebrated worldwide, although not at the same time in some countries. But, the very thought that persons from different nations and cultures agree that mothers should be honored and celebrated, indicates respect and admiration. That’s why Q Link Wireless is giving its customers unlimited minutes on Mother’s Day weekend to call and serenade moms all weekend long.

History of Mother’s Day in the U.S.

Anna Jarvis, an activist and social worker, is widely recognized as the founder of Mother’s Day in United States.  She worked tirelessly to pursue a day in which all mothers, living and deceased, would be honored and celebrated for the contributions they made. Jarvis, along with supporters, wrote letters to people of influence, lobbying for an official Mother’s Day holiday. Their hard work would eventually pay off as by May 1911, Mother’s Day was being celebrated in almost every state in the Union. President Woodrow Wilson then made it official when on May 8, 1914, he signed a Joint Resolution designating the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day.

Commercial Success

Today, Mother’s Day has become one of the most profitable U.S. holidays, with annual spending growing steadily each year. Consumers spend billions of dollars showering gifts on their moms, with flower shop owners, card makers and the candy industry profiting off the holiday. Jarvis anticipated this and spent decades fighting to keep Mother’s Day from becoming the commercialized holiday it is today. To her, it should simply be a day to honor mothers. Her efforts failed however, but it was not due to lack of trying.

Deserving Honor

Despite the growing commercialization, let’s not lose sight of what Jarvis had in mind when she fought so relentlessly for this day. Mothers are a gift and a blessing, and love and appreciation should be shown to them all year round, but on this special day feel free to go the extra mile. Publicly demonstrate your love and gratitude and thank immensely for all they have done and continue to do. Although some mothers may have passed on, that’s no excuse not to celebrate them. After all, memories are timeless treasures of the heart.

Make Mother’s Day special this year. Pay homage to your mom, or to the person or persons who have played the maternal role in your life. Let them know how valuable they are and how much they are appreciated. For the moms who may be abroad, Q Link Wireless is making it easier for customers to make and maintain contact on Mother’s Day. For as little as $3, purchase an international bundle plan with unlimited minutes, text, and data, to call anywhere, anytime. Happy Mother’s Day from the Q Link Wireless family!

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