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Homeschooling Tips to Stay on Track

Now that many schools across the nation are closed, parents have to take on the role of teacher. Teaching is a matter of focus and discipline. Explore homeschooling tips to keep students learning.

No one knows how long quarantine will last or how next year will be impacted. As a result, the best thing you can do for your kids right now is to support their teachers and stay consistent with their learning using these homeschooling tips.

The basics of learning

Any adult who has been in the classroom as a teacher will explain how consistency is key. Everything else is less essential. Your school district may not have had the chance to send out your child’s curriculum, but it is still in place.

Do a little research to see where your kids should be in the school year. They, of course, will not be exactly where they would be if they were in the classroom, BUT that is okay. As long as you take digital learning seriously by using these homeschooling tips, they will as well.


Some teachers are assigning too little work, leaving kids to their own devices. Others are piling it on. All of your kids may have different amounts of schoolwork, and you may also be working from home.

You can make it all work by realizing that valuable learning can still happen with each lesson. Ask the older kids to help the younger ones. If possible, set a time after dinner to review the day’s work and help with homework.

If that isn’t possible, have kids learn as you sit off-camera working.


The COVID-19 pandemic is the first time in history that digital learning is happening on this scale. Since it has never been done before to this degree, there are a ton of unexpected problems, so avoid emailing teachers to complain about every hiccup.

Try to figure out as much as possible on your own. Your kid will still learn if you follow the lesson plans and stay consistent. Keeping kids engaged on a regular basis is already challenging. Just do as much as you can and use these homeschooling tips.


Now is the time to align with teachers. You have work and learning to take care of and so do they. Each of you are trying to maintain the almost impossible balance of work and family while not being able to leave the house.

You can monitor your child while they learn, but you cannot be so bold as to interrupt class to make a point or a correction. You would not appreciate it if someone did that while you were working.

You might be overwhelmed and annoyed that you now have to take on the role of a teacher. However, teachers are still conducting class, grading papers and working toward passing their students.

They are working to help you. The situation will pass, and you can stand as one of the people who were part of the solution rather than the problem. Remember that your kids are looking to you to set the example.


Kids thrive on routine. They like getting dressed to go to school and knowing when they can sit with their friends at lunch. Structures and schedules are related, yet different.

Structure means kids know what is going to happen throughout the day. Schedule refers to knowing exactly when it will happen.

Kids thrive on routine but the pandemic means that nothing is certain. How can you create a little more certainty while staying sane? Assign blocks of time to school subjects and activities.

Kids need a healthy lunch. If you are new to homeschooling, know that the only thing that cannot be changed is the curriculum. What you can be is flexible about are the methods you use to teach and when you teach.

Most schools have set hours, which can be hard to maintain when you are also working. Kids may interrupt you to ask questions while you have a conference call. You can also Google or search on YouTube for anything you may have been forgotten over the years, like fractions and science terms.


One of the best homeschooling tips is that kids need a lunch break and time to play. If your state is not letting anyone outside, try to make bath time during the day or put a puzzle down.

If your kids are at the age where they cannot be left alone, try to find things for them to color. Make sure that they are mindful that other people are working.

If all else fails, use bribes- not one of the best homeschooling tips but one that works.  If they clean the house or a specific area, they can watch their favorite movie or have an allowance. No one is going to judge you if your kids are having a ton of screen time right now.

You need a break as well.


What may be the silver lining in this crisis is you can learn more about your child. Sometimes in the rush of life, we forget that our children are still curious about the world. Use this time to explore their interests.

Spend a little down time with them to see what they get excited about. You can maximize this break in traditional schooling to let them guide their own learning.

Some children are drawn to dinosaurs, others to mechanics. Some students do better when they are away from the four walls of academia.

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