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How to Score Big with the Qlixar Reward App


Wanna hear something awesome?

Qlixar gets you Data and minutes for FREE.


The Qlixar app is Q Link’s way of making sure you can keep your phone going strong, all month long. By answering surveys, watching videos, downloading apps, and more,  you earn points that can be exchanged for free minute and data bundles.

What’s more, the app transforms your lock screen into a news display window. Now, you’ll always be on top of your favorite topics just by looking at your lock screen.

But what are some ways to earn points? How easy is it? How many points do I need to-?


We’ll look at all of that right now. Here we go!


Watching videos

We’ll start off with something simple: watching short 30 second videos for points. Usually these will be ads for cool new apps or trailers for upcoming movies.

After you’ve finished the video, you can exit it to claim your coins.

While this activity does earn you the least amount of coins, it requires the least effort by far. If you like to multitask and want to earn points while you do other things, give this option a look.


Answering surveys

If you’re looking for a fast way to stockpile coins, you should answer a few quick surveys.

Most surveys you’ll find take about five minutes to complete, and they can give you hundreds of coins each!

It helps that these surveys are pretty entertaining. The questions can sometimes seem random and disjointed, which makes them fun to think about.

The amount of available surveys varies at any given time, so be sure to check in frequently to see what’s posted.


Downloading and using apps

Some would say that enjoying fun apps is its own reward. But getting extra data and minutes never hurt either.

Qlixar has a constantly updated list of apps for you to download, and you can get points just for using them.

This method can take a bit longer than the others, but only because a lot of the apps are games that want you to reach a certain level or accomplish a specific goal.

If you end up enjoying the game anyway, which is very likely, you’ll basically be earning coins without even trying to.

And the payout can be massive.  A lot of the rewards for this method fall in the 1000+ coin range, sometimes reaching as high as 5000 for certain apps.

Some phones have more storage space than others, so make sure you have a phone with plenty of space before you get downloading!

Cashing out

Alright, so you’ve been following my instructions and now you have a decent amount of coins in the bank.

What now?

When you want to exchange your coins for rewards, just tap the  cash out button on the Qlixar home screen. This will take you to all the different rewards your coins can get you.

From data bundles to minute bundles, you can grab exactly what you need for the coins you have, then get them added directly to your Q Link account. It may take a bit for the minutes or data to show up, so don’t sweat it if they don’t appear right away.


Quick tips

Before you strike out on your own to start earning those coins, here are a few handy tips to enhance your experience:

  • Only use Qlixar while connected to WiFi. Otherwise, you’re spending data to earn data. That doesn’t make much sense!
  • Check for surveys consistently, as they’re quick, easy, and fun ways to earn a solid amount of coins.
  • Try to save up for bigger data bundles rather than cashing out right away. It might take longer, but it’s generally more worth it to hold off until you can get the most out of your coins.
  • Don’t forget to use your minutes for the month! Not much point in earning more minutes if you don’t use them, so why not give some loved ones a call? Staying connected to them is the real reward, after all.

Q Link Wireless

Want to get in on the Qlixar action? Maybe you don’t have a smartphone yet, and just want to get connected?

Visit us at We provide 3 Gigs of Data, plus UNLIMITED talk & text to low-income customers and those who receive government benefits.

To receive FREE phone service, you first must be approved through the National Verifier. You can bring your own phone and keep your number to experience our 5G network coverage. We will ship you a FREE SIM Card Kit so you can get UNLIMITED talk & text if you already participate in government programs such as SNAP and Medicaid. Once approved, you can begin the phone activation process to receive FREE phone service online.

Once you have a Q Link smartphone, you can instantly start earning rewards with Qlixar to make the experience that much better.


Happy coin collecting!

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