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How to Work Out During Quarantine

Exercise has been proven to boost immunity and reduce anxiety. Now that the gyms are closed for at least a few more weeks, you need a quick guide on how to work out during quarantine. You don’t need fancy equipment or a ton of space. You can use your body weight or use objects you already have at home.

It is important to keep a consistent schedule. Some days you can only do a half hour, while others give you the time for a full hour or two to stretch your legs. If you have made gains in the last year, you certainly do not want all your hard work to go to waste.

Keep in mind that while the COVID-19 pandemic feels like it will last forever, it won’t. Throughout history, there has been devastation and comebacks. Do your best while you are away from the gym to keep your body strong and your mind sharp. America needs you to be at your best.

Body weight movement

Top four reason why using your own body weight is effective:

  1. Saves time
  2. Affordable
  3. Measurable
  4. Mixes in cardio

When performing body weight movement, you can get support from a chair, table or sofa. You can modify your pace or form at any time. Anyone can do burpees, push-ups and mountain climbers. These exercises are perfect for building muscle, torching calories and getting your mind off quarantine.


Burpees may not be everyone’s favorite exercise. They are, however, incredibly effective for building strength, endurance and flexibility. Seventeen minutes of doing burpees burns 160 calories, equaling nine calories per minute. If done right, a burpee takes a few seconds to perform. Just get into a push-up position, kick your legs in and jump up high.


Like burpees, push-ups build strength in multiple parts of the body. All you need for this exercise is to raise your body from the floor to as far as you can. You can play a song while doing them so you don’t have to keep count. Not only do push-ups build the arms, they also tighten the core and strengthen the muscles of the lower back.

Mountain climbers

To perform mountain climbers, simply get into the push-up position and draw your knees to your chest as many times as possible. This repetitive exercise gets the heart pumping and builds up your legs, core and arms with a steady running motion. At any age, you can use mountain climbers to increase joint flexibility and loosen up the hips.

Don’t know how to work out during quarantine? These free apps can show you how, based on your fitness level.


Nike Run Club is a great free app for those who are new to the world of running. Choose the quick start feature when logging in. You can immediately begin tracking a run or choose a guided run. Options include long runs, short runs, treadmill workouts or speed drills. You can even plan a half-marathon. You can track your achievements and chart your progress.


Yoga can be intimidating at first. However, you can change any of the poses to fit your flexibility level. You can also use the Yoga for Beginners app as part of your bedtime or wake up routine to harness inner peace and your body’s natural fat burning abilities. Download this beginner’s app to get 16 free yoga classes. You can easily track your progress and monitor your weight.

General fitness

When you log into the free FitOn app, you have to enter your age, weight and height. You can set the number of workouts you would like to do each week and how much time you can invest. The app will make a schedule that works best for you. If you want to focus on a specific area, you can browse multiple options.

YouTube Channels 

You might be the type of person who enjoys having an instructor rather than using an app show you how to work out during quarantine. YouTube is the perfect platform for you. There are so many channels that you are bound to find the right one. Go to the search bar and type in exercises you might enjoy. Think kickboxing, cardio, high-intensity, yoga, ballet and Pilates.

The channels below were specifically chosen because they are designed for small spaces.

Kat Musni Fitness

Without equipment, you can enjoy a full-length workout for free. The instructor understands the reality of lockdown and has customized workouts for when you are feeling stuck at home and in your progress.

The Body Coach TV 

You can still go hard in your fitness journey. The Body Coach TV provides short routines to torch fat and calories – without special equipment or too much noise.

Hotel Room

If you only have a broom closet’s worth of space, this series by personal trainer Scola Dondo is fun and incorporates dance. Dondo is also realistic when it comes to why many people are exercising right now, more for mental health reasons than for fitness.


If you want a routine that is easy to follow, try MadFit. Beginners will appreciate the slower pace and those in apartments will be relieved to know the routines were designed with the need to keep noise levels down. All you need for this channel is your body weight.

Emi Wong

If you don’t even have space for an exercise mat, Emi Wong has an ab routine that you can do in bed. You can keep wearing crop tops with a few crunches before bed or do a full routine from your sleep sanctuary. These videos are also for those who are disabled, chronically ill, injured or just feeling a bit overwhelmed. Your core can still be strengthened.


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