Friday, March 1, 2024

Meet Jessica Randle, the Winner of the Mother’s Day Giveaway

The Q Link Wireless Mother’s Day Giveaway offered millions the opportunity to showcase the best of their mothers. Throughout a three-day challenge, many shared photos, in addition to the songs and recipes that remind them of the most important women in their lives. 

As a mom herself, Jessica Randle knows the power of being there for her children. Randle grew up in a small town in Illinois, raised by a mother who taught her the value of helping others. In turn, Randle now shows her children that being a valued member of the community means being of service, all with a smile on her face. 

Randle enjoys traveling, cooking, reading, volunteering and art. She also looks forward to the day when she can have a dog. 

Randle’s mother was born in a small town in Mississippi in the 50s and was the eldest of 10 – eight sisters and one brother. Randle’s mother moved from Mississippi to Illinois in 1975, where she met Randle’s dad. Her parents got married and had five children together – three boys and two girls. Randle’s mother was always a hard worker, keeping two jobs and coming home to take care of five children. Randle’s mother is now in her 60s and still works hard every day, taking care of any loved one or stranger that needs help. 

Randle says one of her many blessings is having such a kindhearted and caring mother who has taught her everything and sets a Superwoman example for future generations. 

The prize of the Mother’s Day giveaway was two brand-new iPhone 11s. Randle plans on sharing one with her mother to thank her for always helping with her grandchildren and being a friend to all. 

Q Link Wireless is proud to have Jessica Randle as a subscriber. Randle chooses the government benefit program because, “I’m a single parent and couldn’t afford a cell phone because I’m on a fixed income. Q Link Wireless offers me free minutes and data every month for life. I’m blessed to have Q Link as my cell phone provider because I can make phone calls, text and video chat with my loved ones.”


Stay tuned for our Father’s Day giveaway. 




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