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Peanut Butter Recipes - Fast and Easy
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Peanut Butter Recipes – Easy and Fast

The average American eats more than seven pounds of peanuts a year. Sixty percent of those tasty legumes come in the form of peanut butter. While we may adore the taste and convenience of peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, peanut butter is too versatile not to play around with other...
Kids Chores by Age
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Kids’ Chores by Age

At a young age, children should be shown by their parents how to approach the world and given coping mechanisms to deal with challenging situations. Each child should see themselves as a member of the family who takes part in running the household. Kids chores by age reminds children of...
Homeschooling Tips

Homeschooling Tips to Stay on Track

Now that many schools across the nation are closed, parents have to take on the role of teacher. Teaching is a matter of focus and discipline. Explore homeschooling tips to keep students learning. No one knows how long quarantine will last or how next year will be impacted. As a...
Apps to help with homeschooling

Apps to Help with Homeschooling

Now that students in public and private schools can't attend class in person for the foreseeable future, many parents are seeking out online resources and apps to help with homeschooling to keep their kids' minds engaged at home. Teachers understand that not every family has access to high-speed internet. Around...
Work from home tips
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Work from Home Tips: Maximize Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is a great way to connect to work. These compact cloud meetings held every day in our home may be the future of work. CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan, even suggested that the new call for video will lead to a “fundamental, permanent shift in how people work.” Let’s...
Family Game Night
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Family Game Night Just Got Better

While social distancing has eased in some states, staying home and hosting a family game night is still the safest option during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your family is probably ready to have some fun and forget the outside world for an hour or two, which will also do wonders for...
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