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Pizza Crust Alternatives

If you’re looking for an affordable and delicious meal to share with the family, look no further than a pizza. When you make it from scratch, you can keep the ingredients simple (dough, sauce, cheese), and ultimately affordable. You can also get creative and switch up your crust with a few healthy and exciting pizza crust alternatives.

We understand that everyone is looking for ways to create and stick to a budget, and we’re here to help in any way. Unless you aren’t a fan of this popular dish, you can’t go wrong with pizza for dinner. Did you know that pizza is so good, the University of Michigan found that it actually has addictive properties? Besides the cheese, the pizza crust alternatives may just be the next best part.

Seven reasons why we love pizza:

  1. Carbs are magical.
  2. Can be a snack or a meal.
  3. Pizza is great hot and cold.
  4. Everyone can share it.
  5. It provides comfort.
  6. You can have it delivered.
  7. Every kind is delicious.

Customize Your Crust with These Pizza Crust Alternatives

The pizza industry has revolutionized crust by playing around with crust varieties that goes beyond traditional crusts. Which pizza crust alternative is your favorite? As of right now, these are the most popular crust:

  • Thin
  • Louis-style
  • New York-style
  • Flatbread
  • Pan
  • Deep dish
  • Wood fired

Pizza crust offers the perfect canvas in which to get creative. Pizza crust alternatives help you cut back on carbs, get more vegetables and craft a unique foundation for pizza toppings. If you can splurge and enjoy a crust that doesn’t rely on dough, explore these options:

  • Ground chicken: This crust is keto-friendly and easy to store, as well as reheat! All you need for is protein-filled meal and snack is ground chicken, Parmesan cheese and spinach. Once cooled, you can pick it up like a real slice.
  • Red beets: Vivid color and delicious is what you get with a crust made of red beets. It’s a light crust this is also grain and gluten-free with a mild taste.
  • Zucchini: Sneak a few vegetables onto your kids’ dinner plates with a low-carb, keto-friendly zucchini crust. This vegetable mixes well with eggs, Parmesan and mozzarella cheese to make a delicious crust.
  • Cauliflower: For a low-calorie option, cauliflower pizza crust is easy to make. One step you cannot skip is wringing every drop of moisture from the riced cauliflower once it is cooked. Doing so, make the crust crispy.
  • Sweet potato: If cauliflower isn’t your scene, you can always try sweet potato. You can go for traditional toppings of marina and mozzarella. It doesn’t run the risk of sogginess that has fouled many cauliflower crusts. All you need is sweet potatoes, some rolled oats, an egg and a food processor.

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