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The Secret of Selfie Culture

Selfies have become one of the most controversial forms of self-expression on the internet.

Who knew that snapping pictures of yourself could cause such a stir? It sounds silly when you think about it.

But when you really delve into the underlying motives behind selfie-taking, you enter a psychological rabbit hole.

Self-love or self-obsession? Healthy or unhealthy? Filter or #nofilter?

The debates go on.

Today, we’ll step out from behind our phone cameras to unpack the arguments for and against selfies. Your opinion of them might change by the end, so be sure to read all the way through!


A picture’s worth a thousand words

To really understand the stigma surrounding selfies, it’s important to break down what a selfie represents.

First things first, selfies are taken to showcase the photographer. Selfies are essentially self-portrait photos, so it makes sense that the person taking them is always the subject matter.

Therein lies the main discussion point; no matter where a selfie is taken, no matter what the caption says, the photographer is always the center of attention.

So, is this a bad thing?


Me, myself and I

Because selfies serve to showcase the selfie-taker, many people criticize them as vanity shots.

Selfies are a pretty selfish form of photography no matter how you slice it. If you’re taking a lot of them consecutively, they really can come off as signs of self-absorption.

After a certain point, you’ve taken pictures of your own face at every possible angle. And even then, your Facebook friends probably know what you look like after the first couple selfies.

So why do people post so many?

For one thing, they’re ridiculously easy to take.

It takes mere seconds to snap a pic of yourself with the front-facing camera on your smartphone. After that, it’s an easy feat to upload that pic to social media.

A lot of people get carried away with the ease of it all, not really thinking about how much they’re actually posting.

The number of selfies that people post, coupled with their naturally self-centered nature, have turned them into a symbol of narcissism.

But is that a correct way to view them? Maybe there’s more to it than what’s on the surface.


Seeking acceptance

Humans are social creatures. Interacting with others is in our DNA.

That’s why it makes sense that we care so much about other people’s opinions.

Selfies posted on social media are a way to gauge what others think of our appearance. Getting likes on a selfie we’re proud of makes us feel good. Not getting likes makes us delete the selfie out of shame.

While this may not be the healthiest practice, it can definitely be a boost to self-esteem to know that other people like your face.

And if someone feels confident enough to put themselves out there with their selfies, no one should really try top stop them. If it’s annoying, you can just ignore them and move on.

At their core, selfies are about capturing an idealized version of yourself. Flattering angles, lighting and filters can make people look amazing in pictures. If that makes them feel good about themselves, great.

Wanting to be liked is not a sin. Selfies are a rather harmless way to get a potentially much-needed morale boost.

So, what’s the verdict?

Like many things in life, if performed excessively, selfie-taking can be rather unhealthy.

Even if they’re a confidence booster, spending too much time obsessing over your own appearance can have negative effects.

They distract us from our lives and warp experiences around ourselves. Sometimes, it’s best to focus outwards rather than inward.

If you practice moderation, selfies can be a great way to express yourself and boost your confidence.

In an odd way, they’re a way to connect to others, despite how self-centered they seem.


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