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The Top 10 Frugal Cooking Blogs

When you’re going through a tough time financially, it can be difficult to imagine eating a healthy, delicious meal on such a small budget. Whether you’re on food stamps or scraping by on your own, its time to open your eyes to the world of frugal cooking.

At Q link we help low income families get rid of their phone bill, but we want to help them reduce expenses in all other areas. We know that food costs are always one of the biggest expenses for families.

With that in mind we searched the web for everything related to frugal cooking, budget recipes, cheap meals etc. We finally came up with, in our opinion, the top 10 blogs that can help you reduce your monthly food costs while eating tastier and healthier food!

The 10 ladies that run these blogs are truly experts in this field. Personally I’ve learned tons just from putting together this list, so I know you will too. The list is in alphabetical order because they are all too good and ranking them was impossible.

Please if you get anything useful from their blogs be sure to follow them and thank them for it. (We made it easy for you by linking their names to their twitter accounts, so you have no excuses!)

Enjoy the list!

1. 5 Dollar Dinners – Erin Chase

Why we recommend it: Erin says she has a little problem that she can’t make meals that cost more than $5, but think its more of a gift than anything. Erin is seriously talented at coming up with recipes so tasty you can’t believe how little they cost! If you have a recipe in mind just look through her recipe index and you’ll find a recipe to make it on the cheap. There’s more than just recipes though, Erin also shares the best coupons and store deals as well as useful articles on things like organization and reusing things.

Our Favorite Post: 20 meals from Costco for $150

2. A Girl Called Jack – Jack Monroe

Why we recommend it: A Girl Called Jack is a UK blog dedicated to frugal cooking. Jack really knows how to take low-priced ingredients and combine them into a drool-worthy recipe. Her adventures in a meat-free cottage series will have even the biggest meat lovers ready to try something new. I particularly enjoy her money saving kitchen tips like how to make leftovers good and freezing tomato sauce in ice cube trays. There are also some really interesting posts about government policies and poverty issues. Enjoy!

Our Favorite Post: Leftovers made good: Spiced chicken noodle dinner

3. Broke Ass Gourmet – Gabi Moskowitz

Why we recommend it: This blog has received national acclaim and for good reason! Gabi aims to keep each recipe under $20, so certain ones may be harder to fit into your budget but dig a little deeper and you’ll find tons you can make for under $10. Gabi is not afraid to try new exotic dishes so be prepared to get schooled in world cuisines. If you find some entrees outside your budget, make sure you check out the mouth-watering and affordable side dishes and sauces like the one in our favorite post, which we will be using on everything from now on.

Our Favorite Post: Green garlic and almond pesto

4. Budget Bytes – Beth M.

Why we recommend it: Beth says she’s not a professional chef but we don’t blame you if you find that hard to believe after checking out her blog. These meals just make me think of sitting down to a nice family dinner. I don’t know what counts as comfort food but the hearty pastas, scrambles and bowls definitely comfort me and work up my appetite. The best part is that most of these meals come in at under $1.50 per serving! The majority of the recipes are simple to execute and you probably already have many of the ingredients. Don’t miss this one!

Our Favorite Post: Southwest breakfast scramble

5. Cheap Recipe Blog – Haley

Why we recommend it: People think cooking on a budget has to be boring and repetitive. Those people clearly haven’t been to Haley’s blog. Her recipes will definitely cause you to have some Why didn’t I think of that!? moments and by the time you close your browser, you’ll be inspired to cook up some cheap new meals that are sure to impress. If you have a sweet tooth this is definitely the blog for you because the desert recipes will cause you to salivate. Don’t miss her seasonal 50 recipes roundups.

Our Favorite Post: A peek inside my grocery bag: Getting cheap groceries at ALDI

6. Eating Richly – Diana Johnson

Why we recommend it: We like to support Diana’s blog because as someone who overcame homelessness, she’s a true inspiration and a wealth of knowledge for anyone going through hard times and looking to still eat well on a budget. We couldn’t help notice how many delicious salad recipes are featured on this blog, you can tell she’s a fan! Also many of her recipes are international, borrowing from the cuisines of Mexico, Asia and others. This is just an all around awesome blog to improve your frugal cooking skills.

Our Favorite Post: Make your own lunch meat to save money

7. Frugal Foodie Family – Kelly Hartman

Why we recommend it: Got a taste for the gourmet but can’t afford to recreate recipes from your favorite TV chef? You might be a frugal foodie and you should probably just change your homepage to Kelly’s blog. The recipes on Frugal Foodie Family are simple yet exciting and refreshing. Maybe it’s her choice of interesting ingredients, the cooking techniques she uses, or most likely just her sheer creativity but these meals remind me of something you’d see on the menu at a hip new restaurant downtown. Other highlights include weekly grocery lists and weekly budget wine reviews!

Our Favorite Post: Kid friendly pretzel chicken tenders

8. Hillbilly Housewife – Susanne

Why we recommend it: It’s easy to get lost in the recipe archives when you’re presented with so many tantalizing options but Susanne’s blog has so much other great content to offer! There are so many good articles on food-related cost savings, for example you can find entire sections on canning, gardening and shopping. The recipes section is an encyclopedia of frugal cooking ideas ranging from light and healthy to casseroles to convenience foods and there’s even pet food recipes! Bookmark this site, visit it often and be sure to thank Susanne for creating this awesome resource!

Our Favorite Post: Make your own popsicles – Frugal family fun

9. Poor Girl Eats Well – Kimberly Morales

Why we recommend it: Kimberly’s blog has the type of variety that makes you wish you had enough time to cook 10 meals a day. The recipes are not only tasty and cheap (around $2 a serving) many of them are very healthy. If you aren’t incorporating cheap superfoods like quinoa in your daily cooking, then PGEW will definitely spark your curiosity and provide you with some great ideas. We’re big fans of her unique takes on pizza, sandwiches and soups. Don’t forget to check out her $25 shopping cart posts, which are a primer on smart frugal shopping.

Our Favorite Post: Spicy beef sweet potato tacos

10. The Cheapskate Cook – Stephani J.

Why we recommend it: Stephani’s blog stands apart because of it’s consistent focus on health as well as cost. I don’t think a single nutrition expert could disagree with the healthy and delicious recipes that she shares. We also like her seasonal approach to cooking. If you go through the archives you’ll see her recipes always use fresh, in-season ingredients. Aside from delicious, cheap and healthy recipes, Steph shares a wealth of general advice for stretching a buck in the kitchen.

Our Favorite Post: Easy homemade summer travel food

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