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This is real – The Government is Really Giving FREE Phone Service!

family enjoying free cell phone service, family enjoying free cell phone service

If You Want To Ditch Your Cell Phone Bill Forever…Keep Reading

Your guide to free phone service.


What connects us all?

In today’s day and age, we’re all connected through one simple thing – our cell phones!

Our culture has shifted to a more tech-first world with the main device keeping us all together being cell phones!

This is great for some but an inconvenience to others. But how so, you ask?

While some Americans can afford the monthly cost of cell phone bills with ease – others can not and struggle to make ends meet.

And as popularity and demand increase – inevitably, so do the costs.


Can the government help? Yes – the government has made phone service free! 

couple enjoying free phone service, q link wireless has free phone service

As this new, digital-first culture continues to shift our world as we know it, congress recognizes phone access as an important tool and believes it should be easy to access for everyone including those in low-income households, without compromising quality.

This is how the FCC created Lifeline.

Lifeline is a federal government program that lowers the monthly cost of phones and internet.

The goal is to provide equal quality phone service to everyone, no matter the income level.

It acknowledges 21st-century broadband and the access it provides to jobs, healthcare, educational resources and so much more.

Phone service is so common that everyone should be able to have access to it no matter the costs and without compromising on quality.

And now you can enjoy exactly that!

With the help of this program, you can receive free cell phone service with Q Link Wireless!

A free phone plan with Q Link gets rid of the financial pressure of phone bills while still enjoying the same great coverage.

It’s like cutting your cost without cutting your coverage!save hundreds of dollars by switching to q link wireless, cut your phone bill, eliminate your phone bill and get access to 5G nationwide coverage all for free. free phone service with q link wireless


 But…is it really free? Yes – this is 100% free and 100% true! 

man enjoying 5G nationwide coverage with q link wireless all for free, free phone service with q link wireless

Thanks to the Lifeline program, Q Link can provide free phone service.

Usually, when things are free, you tend to think it’s too good to be true. But this – isn’t that.

This is a government-funded program, which means the government pays for service, so you don’t have to. The program has dedicated over $1 Billion in broadband benefits – so rest assured this plan is real.

And again, you won’t have to compromise on quality. You can still enjoy the same 4G/5G speeds you would get from any other network except with Q Link, just entirely for free.

And unlike other companies, Q Link won’t sneak in any hidden fees or charges – they won’t even ask you for your credit card information.

The average Q Link Wireless customer saves over $600 by taking advantage of this free plan.

And that too could be you!

Now tell me, doesn’t that sound amazing?

But don’t take my word from it, see how many people’s lives are being changed by joining the Q Link Network!

testimonials of people who have switched to q link wireless and loved their free phone service

How reliable is Q Link Wireless? Enjoy 5G speeds on America’s Largest mobile network! 

woman enjoying 5g nationwide coverage on americas largest mobile network q link wireless, free phone service with q link wireless

You might be wondering how it’s possible to get connected to a 5G network for free?

That’s because Q Link Wireless rolls out this service through a governmentally funded program that was designed to provide equal quality data and service coverage for all Americans.

Along with 5G speeds, Q Link provides Lifeline customers UNLIMITED Data, talk & text.

Most cell phone plan providers do not include unlimited data within their basic plan. And we all know it is almost impossible to not use data on your cell phone.

In fact, it is almost too easy to go over your data limit, making unlimited data plans the way to go.

But why pay for it when you can get it for FREE?

Join Q Link’s free mobile network, so you can enjoy all the things you love about your cell phone and eliminate the hassle of monthly fees for good!

Talk as much as you want, text as freely as you like and surf the net for hours without the headache of worrying about going over your data limit.

No more having to limit your phone usage!


Do I qualify? How do I apply? 

man enjoying free phone service with q link wireless, apply for free phone service here at

Since this is in partnership with government programs, many low-income families or households within the designated zip codes qualify.

Enrollment is available to individuals on federal benefit programs like Medicaid, SNAP, or other government benefit programs.

Another way to qualify is if you are unemployed. Simply provide your unemployment Benefit Letter as proof at signup.

Keep in mind this plan is limited to one plan per household.


With Q Link’s free mobile coverage, you can keep your family, friends and the world connected!


To get started using your free phone service click the button below! 

claim your free phone service now, get free phone coverage with q link wireless