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The Government is Really Giving FREE Phone Service!

If You Want To Stop Paying your Cell Phone Bill…Keep Reading

Your guide to free phone service!

 Is this really free? Yes – this is 100% free and 100% real! 

Did you know there’s a free phone plan out there that could mean completely getting rid of your monthly phone bill?

And what if I told you that by switching you can still enjoy the same 4G LTE/5G speeds as other major phone companies?!

What if I also told you the typical person who switches, saves over $600 a year by enjoying this free phone plan?

Yes – over $600!

There are so many other things you’d rather spend that $600 on – and we know that!

So why pay a monthly phone plan when you can get it for free?

It’s like cutting your cost without cutting your coverage!

Did I forget to mention that this isn’t just your typical, basic phone plan…

No, you’re getting UNLIMITED Data, Talk, Text AND a New Tablet with Q Link Wireless!

Yes – this is a real company that is dedicated to providing as many Americans with access to phone & internet services at an affordable price.

And that affordable price…just so happens to be free!

We know how exhausting it is to pay for phone service when it is something you really need – everyday!

So it’s not like you can cut this expense as you would with other bills.

Having a working phone is a necessity and that’s why this free phone plan exists!

“So what is the deal and how do I get it?” – I’m sure you are asking.

Well, it’s Q Link Wireless!

And thanks to a federal government benefit called the Emergency Broadband Benefit – Q Link was able to upgrade and expand their entire network coverage!

Which means more Americans across the U.S. can enjoy a free monthly phone plan on a Nationwide 4G LTE/5G Network.

Q Link is now available in 48 states across the entire United States!

The Emergency Broadband Benefit or EBB, is limited-time program created by the FCC that allows us to provide UNLIMITED Data, Talk, Text and a New Tablet to our customers entirely for free!

Q Link’s goal by giving free phone service is to provide equal quality phone service to everyone, no matter the income level.

Especially with those Americans that have been severely impacted by the 2019 Pandemic – this free plan helps get rid of that financial pressure of paying yet another bill!

And  you won’t have to compromise on quality. You can still enjoy the same 4GLTE/5G speeds you would get from any other network except with Q Link, just entirely for free!

And unlike other companies, Q Link won’t sneak in any hidden fees or charges – they won’t even ask you for your credit card information! 

The entire plan is completely free – so once you get approved, you will get a new SIM Card and a new Tablet shipped to you at absolutely no cost to you!

This free plan is life changing and can truly make an impact on your financial situation!

But don’t take my word from it, see how many lives are being changed by joining the Q Link Network!


How reliable is Q Link Wireless? Enjoy 5G speeds on America’s Largest mobile network! 

Q Link Wireless has been able to partner with America’s Largest 4G LTE/5G mobile network to access their towers.

So you really can enjoy more coverage and faster speeds just as you would with any other major mobile carrier!

Along with 5G speeds, Q Link provides their customers with a completely UNLIMITED PLAN

Talk as much as you want, text as freely as you like and surf the net for hours without the headache of worrying about going over your data limit.

No more having to limit your phone usage!

Join Q Link’s free mobile network, so you can enjoy all the things you love about your cell phone and eliminate the hassle of monthly fees for good!


Do I qualify? How do I apply? 

Since this is a government program, many low-income families or households within the designated zip codes qualify!

You can qualify by participation in federal benefit programs like Medicaid, SNAP, SSI, Federal Public Housing Assistance, Veterans Survivors Pension Benefits Fund and more!

Additionally, you may be eligible if your household income is at or below 135% of the federal poverty level, or if you are currently unemployed.

Keep in mind this plan is limited to one plan per household. 


With Q Link’s free mobile coverage, you can keep your family, friends and the world connected!

To get started using your free phone service click the button below! 


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