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Top 10 Easy Halloween Decoration Ideas

Don’t be fooled, Halloween is an all-month event.

If you’re like us and want to keep things spooky every day of October, decorating your home is a must.

If you’re dry on ideas, making a Halloween shopping list can be a tad annoying.

This is why we put together this list of our Top 10 easiest to set up decorations to add a frighteningly festive flair to your haunted house to-be.

Let’s get scary!


10. Pumpkins, of course

A fitting start to the list, pumpkins are everything good about Halloween rolled into one gourd.

Carved or not, large or small, pumpkins add some fall festivity to any porch.

If you are willing to put some extra effort in to transform your pumpkin into a Jack O’ Lantern, you’ll have a nice nighttime decoration for when the 31st rolls around.

Just be sure to prep your Jack O’ Lantern only a few days before Halloween. Pumpkins will obviously start to rot if left out for too long, and you’ll want yours in peak condition for the most important night of the month.


9. Creepy cobwebs

Probably the most affordable option on the list, cobwebs make for great space fillers around the house or on the porch.

Use them to liven up corners, counters, or even the area between pillars.

If you’re feeling extra fancy, try tossing a couple of tiny plastic spiders into the webbing. It’s a nice way to add some authenticity to your decorations.

Note: If your house has actual cobwebs in it, maybe take some extra time to clean those up before worrying about fake cobwebs.


8. Bats!

No matter the shape, size, or material, it’s hard to go wrong with bats as Halloween decorations.

Because they’re airborne, bats can fit into a variety of places.

You could hang some plastic toy bats from the ceiling to make a bat-mobile (badum tss).

Or, for an easier decoration, cut some bats out of black construction paper to tape to the wall. Just be sure to find a nice base picture to trace over unless you’re super artistic.


7. Spooky scary skeletons

Everyone loves a skeleton for good reason.

These boney boys embody Halloween, so having a few around the house is practically mandatory.

Store-bought skeletons come in all sorts of sizes depending on what you’re after.

Tinier skeletons can be hung from the ceiling or on a wall to frame a doorway. Larger skeletons can be hung on the door itself OR propped up on chairs.

The best part of using life-sized skeleton props is dressing and posing them however you want.

A simple black cloak can make an effective grim reaper, or you could even dress the skeleton up in regular clothing for comedic effect.

Depending on the work you put into them, skeletons can fill any decoration role under the harvest moon.


6. Fall-scented candles

If you’re looking for a nice way to liven up the atmosphere, fall-scented candles can calm your nerves while keeping things festive.

Pumpkin-scented candles are a no-brainer, but you can go the extra mile to get fun-shaped candles as well.

Though not for everyone, and a bit pricey depending on where you get them, candles serve double duty as decoration and ambiance enhancer.

Using themed candle holders (or even spooky candelabras if you’re feeling fancy) can keep the spirit of Halloween alive even indoors.


5. GhooOooOOoosts

These guys deserve a special mention just for how simple they are to set up.

All it takes is some string, a balloon, a white sheet and a black sharpie.

First, inflate the balloon and drape the sheet over it.

Once done, use the black sharpie to mark where you want to draw the ghost face on the sheet.

Next, remove the sheet from the balloon and draw the full face using the sharpie.

Then just drape the sheet back over the balloon, tie the string to the sheet/balloon using the balloon’s tail as an anchor and voila! A perfectly good ghost to hang from your ceiling.


4. Festive lights

These are staples for a reason!

If trick-or-treaters are going to see your house at night, you need to make it shine!

Orange and purple lights are pretty standard for Halloween, but feel free to experiment.

While you could just use Christmas-style lights and leave it at that, there are plenty of unique options for lights.

Pumpkin-shaped lights, for example, can be a nice way to change things up and compliment the Jack O’ Lantern from number 10 on this list.


3. Mini cemetery

Grab as many cheap Styrofoam gravestones from your local dollar store as possible, arrange them how you want on your front lawn, and presto! Instant graveyard.

There are a bunch of ways to spice this decoration up, too.

Stick some disembodied plastic skeleton/zombie hands in the dirt near the gravestones to make it look like the dead are rising!

If you want to go super over the top, get a fog machine to really sell that haunted graveyard aesthetic.

A little goes a long way for this decoration, though, so don’t be afraid to try a bunch of tiny twists.


2. Someone in a costume

If you or someone you know is dedicated enough, this is one of the easiest and most rewarding decorations out there.

All it takes is a costume that covers your body and a place to sit in front of your door.

Then you just wait for someone to walk by and BAM!

This is usually only a good idea when you get trick-or-treaters you think can handle the spook.

If you ever think the scare might be too much, you can dial things back by adding a bit of movement to your performance.

A person pretending to be inanimate and popping up suddenly is frightening. A person moving slowly in a costume is only creepy.

Either way you play it, making yourself a decoration is guaranteed to be an effective (and cheap!) way to add originality to your Halloween decor.


1. Mood music!

What’s a horror flick without that suspenseful soundtrack? A lot less scary and fun, that’s what.

Using appropriate music is a surefire way to give your trick-or-treaters an experience to remember.

Set up a speaker inside and open a window or stick it in that awesome graveyard you made!

You can hook up your smartphone to the speaker and find Halloween music/ambiance on YouTube super easily.

The possibilities are endless for this one, so again, go as wild as possible.


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