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How to Troubleshoot Your Smartphone

Common Ways to Troubleshoot Your Smartphone

When it comes to troubleshooting our phones, most of us know the basics, whether we own an iPhone or Android. We understand the importance of removing useless apps and restarting the phone when it’s slow. When our phones are charging, we try not to unplug them until they’re 100%. However, most of us get stumped on solving more complicated smartphone problems. We’ll share the typical issues most people face and how to troubleshoot your smartphone when they occur. If you don’t see something on our list you think should be there, feel free to share it in the comments or on our social media platforms!

It’s important to note that these are not guaranteed solutions – they’re solutions that typically work for the following issues.

Smartphone Runs Too Slow

We’ve all come across situations where our smartphone doesn’t respond immediately. Sluggishness is one of the most common problems people face, especially with older phones that can’t respond to new apps and operating system (OS) updates. Another common cause of a slow-running phone is a lack of storage space. If you use several apps or haven’t deleted large files, this can use up your phone’s RAM (memory), which results in a slow phone.

You can solve this problem by performing one (or multiple) of the following:

  • Restart your device
  • Close open apps
  • Delete unnecessary files and apps
  • Clear the phone’s cache data
  • Review the phone’s storage by going into “settings” to see if the storage is low
  • Your phone might be damaged – have you dropped your phone recently? Check for issues, such as liquid inside the phone, internal/external cracks (may need a professional for the latter) to determine if damages have slowed down your phone.

Battery Life Declining

If you spend a lot of time using your phone, it becomes common for your battery to drain unexpectedly fast. Other causes of poor battery life include:

  • Slow charge
  • Background apps (they function even if you don’t use them)
  • Wi-Fi or data is always connected
  • Old phone battery (it’s recommended to replace your battery if it’s older than two years)
  • Location-tracking (many apps track your location, which requires lots of energy – only use this feature on the most necessary apps, like GPS)

Solve this problem by remedying the above problems. For example, if your phone is charging slowly, consider where you’re charging your phone, such as a computer rather than an outlet. If apps are running in the background, turn them off. Go into your settings to ensure your Wi-Fi and data aren’t activate unless you need them. Other ways to improve the battery life of your phone include:

  • Turn down phone brightness
  • Turn on battery saver mode
  • Reduce push notifications on certain apps
  • Buy a phone case that also charges your phone

Apps Crash

We all hate when apps stop working and a prompt appears to send a crash report – do reports even solve the problem? The answer is no, not really. That is, unless you contact support directly and receive a personal response to your problem.

What are the most common causes of app crashes?

  • The app has bugs
  • Your OS is outdated and can’t support the new app
  • Your phone is running low on space
  • Too many apps are active in the background
  • Developer deficiencies – developers may not have accounted for specific device limitations

Although there are several causes for your apps to crash, there are just a handful of highly effective solutions:

  • Update software – you can troubleshoot your smartphone by updating your software. You must always keep in mind that old software may lack the capabilities to support new applications.
  • Clear app cache – most Android phones clear app cache automatically, but if your app is still malfunctioning, you may need to perform this step manually.
  • Clear app data – this should be used as a last resort. When you clear your app’s data, all data gets deleted. As a result, make sure to backup important information prior to trying this solution.


According to a Statista survey performed in 2021, nearly half of the respondents said they spent five to six hours on their phone daily. Of those surveyed, 22 percent said they spent at least three to four hours on their phone daily. We don’t need surveys to confirm that most individuals spend a lot of time on their phone. However, excess usage can lead to your smartphone overheating, which can cause a multitude of problems, such as poor battery performance. You can resolve this problem in the following ways:

  • Turn off background apps
  • Remove your phone case
  • Continuously update your apps
  • Remove unused apps

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