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Why You Need to Own a Cellphone


Facebook me.

Google it.

Give me a call!

With cell phones and technology so ingrained in society, phrases like these have are a normal part of how we communicate. And they all come down to one thing: cell phones. The ability to connect online, on-the-go! While it is important to avoid becoming obsessed with or dependent on cell phones, owning one will truly change the way you live your life.

Connect with family and friends

Nothing is more important to us than our loved ones, but unfortunately, not everybody we care about is within our reach. Friends live in different states. Families live in different countries.

In this day and age, we shouldn’t be forced to abandon our relationships due to distance. Having a cell phone gives you the freedom to directly reach out to those you love, no matter where in the world they are. But this isn’t the only way to feel connected.

Social media, particularly Facebook, has become a global community. When you have a cell phone, you can participate in these online forums and conversations. In an instant you can share pictures and news and life updates with friends and family, helping you remain in each other’s lives.

Access to emergency and health services

Have you ever been in an emergency situation?

Anyone who has would likely agree that one of the scariest things about an emergency is being unable to get help. From a very young age, we are all taught ‘in case of an emergency, call 9-1-1.

If you are involved in or witness to a car accident, a theft, a medical issue, or any other emergency, your instinct will probably be to find a phone to call for assistance. Not having access to emergency services is not only scary, but it can also be harmful. Many lives have been saved due to help arriving just in time.

Even in the case of non-emergencies, cell phones play a vital role in our health and safety. We all need to call a doctor, therapist, pharmacy, or other health specialists from time to time, whether it’s to ask a question or make an appointment. In fact, many health services won’t even see you without an appointment made in advance.

Finding a job

The world of job seeking is now almost entirely online.

Websites such as Indeed, Monster, and Zip Recruiter (to name just a few) have taken over the role of sorting through employees and submitting applications. Human Resource Recruiters are trained to check these online job resources first, as it’s the fastest way to find potential candidates.

Additionally, how can a recruiter reach out to you for to schedule an interview if you don’t have access to email or a phone? It is virtually impossible to secure employment without a cell phone. In fact, it is actually possible to perform the ENTIRE job application process from just a cellphone.

Once you secure employment, you will still need to be reachable by your job. There may an urgent situation such as you calling in sick, letting your boss know that you got a flat tire on your way in, or even if they need to reach  you to rush in and cover a shift – all of these require a phone.

Q Link smartphones

Q Link Wireless will always provide 3 Gigs of Data, plus UNLIMITED talk & text.

Many Lifeline providers give their customers the bare minimum: a discount on monthly phone service. While this can definitely be a huge help, a discount is not always enough.

Our Lifeline plans are not discounted. They are free!

No contracts, credit checks, or phone bills.

Our mission is to connect America, and that begins with putting the right tools in your hand and making it easy to use them.

Q Link Wireless Refer-A-Friend Program

Do you know someone who might benefit from our services? You can be the friend who makes a difference in their life by introducing them to Q Link Wireless. Invite friends and family to apply for Q Link service from our Facebook page. Help them connect to their world, while also expanding yours.

The only requirement is that your referrals do not live with you, as federal guidelines allow only one Lifeline benefit per household.

It’s difficult to keep up in this modern world without basic communication, and a cell phone offers this and much more. When you tell your loved ones know about Q Link Wireless, you are inviting them to share in all the benefits that come with it.


To receive FREE phone service, you first must be approved through the National Verifier. You can bring your own phone and keep your number to experience our 5G network coverage. We will ship you a FREE SIM Card Kit so you can get UNLIMITED talk & text if you already participate in government programs such as SNAP and Medicaid. Once approved, you can begin the phone activation process to receive FREE phone service online.


Call your job, text your family, Facebook your friends! It has never been easier.