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Work from Home Tips: Maximize Videoconferencing

Videoconferencing is a great way to connect to work. These compact cloud meetings held every day in our home may be the future of work. CEO of Zoom, Eric Yuan, even suggested that the new call for video will lead to a “fundamental, permanent shift in how people work.” Let’s explore these work from home tips whether you are using Skype, FaceTime or Zoom, you can maximize videoconferencing.

Dress for success

Working from home requires you to look the part of a professional. Clothes influence your mood. Putting on a pair of pajamas may be tempting, but it could harm your professional reputation.

The simple solution is to keep your morning routine that includes getting dressed for work. Brush your hair and check yourself on the screen before turning on video. One thing you can do if you do not want to work in jeans or pants is have your most professional blouse or shirt on.

As long as you do not move throughout the meeting and stay seated, no one will have to know that you are wearing leggings or another form of workout bottoms. You can shop your closet and maybe drag out a few options that haven’t been worn in years.

Keep in mind how you dress sets the tone for your day. Clothing allows you to express your individual style yet remain comfortable. Add a few pops of color to your daily outfits with red or orange socks or accessories like a necklace or tie to invigorate your day.

Stage your call

The way your working space looks matters. Stay away from windows and other light sources. It creates a glare.

Additionally, right outside your window are some people who are not respecting social distancing measures. You don’t want to be forever remembered for the time you had someone dancing or screaming in the background.

Take a look around your space to make sure it looks fine. Review your wall art and make sure there is nothing that would need a double take.

In addition, clean up your surroundings. You don’t want piles of laundry or dirty dishes to clutter your background. Clear your desk of too many mugs, dishes and crumpled papers.

One of the best work from home tips is to have your space look presentable.

Be prepared

Your meetings are most likely held at the same time every day. As a result, you know in advance what you need to do to settle in. Act as if you were at a work meeting.

Lock every door that enters your work area. You do not want a family member or pet bounding in. Get your glass of water and do without the ice, which can clink when you sip. There same goes for food.

Although no one can smell your food, chomping away when talking about reports is just not acceptable, no matter how relaxed you feel, do not excuse yourself to go to the bathroom. You need to be there for every word since you cannot be there in person.

Walk Fido before your call, especially if it will happen during their regular walk time. A pet can be persistent when they want attention.

Schedule time to review yesterday’s work, email and your to-do list for the day way before the call happens. More than anything, focus on people when they are talking.

Press mute

There is always be background noise even in a home that does not have pets or children. If your kids are with you, there is a good chance that they want to be as close to you as possible. They may not understand the importance of being quiet.

Neighbors may start playing loud music or knock on your door because they need something. Only unmute yourself when talking.

Minimize distractions

Working from home provides a ton of opportunity for distractions. If you have small children, they can need so much attention that you are having a hard time focusing. If you are on a video conferencing call, you need to minimize distractions.

A great work from home tip is to create rituals to begin and end your workday. Dress as normal as possible and do the same with the kids.

Walk any pets if allowed. Then do a few things that signal to your household that you cannot be disturbed while working. This could be making a pot of coffee, lighting a candle or shutting the door to your workspace.

You also need to respect these boundaries and be clear in your own set of work from home tips. Do not move locations or make a lot of noise when working. It will disrupt the meeting and make you seem unprepared.

Always be as professional as possible.

Be yourself

Although everything is uncertain at the moment, you are a valued member of your team. You simply need to do complete all of your tasks and be yourself to succeed.

Do not try to be the office clown and make funny skits in the background when other people are talking. Act the same way you always have in the office.

You can showcase your personality and still follow the above work from home tips.

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