College students can get FREE UNLIMITED Cell Phone Service.

Want to make the most out of your college experience?

We are sure that a couple hundred dollars in your pocket at the end of the year will help a lot.

And now, thanks to the ACP and Q Link Wireless, you can get just that… and more!

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  • Having exclusive access to top deals as a Q Link costumer.
  • FREE UNLIMITED Data, Talk & Text every month on one of America’s fastest and more reliable networks.
  • Keeping your own number.
  • 100% online
  • FREE International Calling to 60+ Countries including Mexico and South America (available only in California).

Now you must be wondering…

How to get FREE UNLIMITED Service?

The average cost of a phone plan is about $70 per month, by eliminating this cost, you’ll be able to save over $800 each year. That’s quite the saving!

If you are a college student and received a Pell Grant this year through FAFSFA, you are eligible to get FREE UNLIMITED Cell phone Service with the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP)

Start your application today at enroll.qlinkwireless.com/signup  

What is the Affordable Connectivity Program?

The Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) is the latest government benefits program operated by the Federal Communications Commission (FCC) to grant low-income Americans discounts on monthly broadband services and connected internet devices.

What proof of Pell Grant do I need to provide?

If you receive Federal Student Aid, in the form of a Pell Grant, you are eligible to get FREE UNLIMITED Service. All you need are the following proofs of enrollment:

  • Screenshots of documents that clearly show the applicant’s receipt of a Pell Grant during this year.
  • Written confirmation from the student’s higher education institution stating that the student received a Pell Grant during the current year.
  • Copy of a paid invoice showing the student’s receipt of a Pell Grant.
  • An official Financial Aid award letter stating the amount of a student’s Pell Grant award receipt.

Where do I upload this proof?

During your application process, you’ll be directed to the National Verifier, the government’s database agency that determines your eligibility. Once there, you’ll be able to upload the required documents.

This is an important step in the process. Do not skip it!

Other ways to get FREE UNLIMITED Service:

You may also qualify to the ACP, if you are a beneficiary of any of the following government programs:

  • Medicaid
  • Food Stamps or SNAP
  • Supplement Security Income (SSI)
  • Income at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline.

So, what are you waiting for?

Sign up today and start saving hundreds of dollars, your future “you” will thank you later.