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6 Communication Tips for COVID-19

Everyone handles complex emotions differently. Some people are happy to work through their emotions by speaking to others, while some choose to remain quiet. Help everyone around you out by practicing these communication tips.

The COVID-19 pandemic is unprecedented, and many are unsure of how they should handle the situation. Q Link Wireless has put together a few communication tips to make quarantine as productive and pleasant as possible. After all, the entire world is in this together. Let’s be mindful of how we communicate with a few tips.

1. Don’t be the expert
Everyone has one subject they are passionate about. It could be sports, beauty or cooking. Very few people are experts in pandemics. It is essential to watch the news and be informed. However, this is not the time to speculate. If you hear something that could strike panic in someone else, consider a gentle approach. This is one of the top communication tips you can use every day during the pandemic.

6 Communication Tips for COVID-19

Being overwhelmed by the news could cripple someone’s mental health. You can send links to news reports, however, do not put your spin on the news. Allow others to decide how they will interpret the day’s happenings.

2. Realize that no one really knows how to act right now
We have all seen people in hazmat suits at the supermarket or bathing in hand sanitizer. It may seem funny, but some people are grappling with their mental health right now. No matter which country they are in, every citizen is doing the best they can.

You are also doing your best. Avoid taking pictures or videos of outrageous behavior. Be mindful that the best way to communicate with people outside your immediate family is to smile. It may not seem like much, but you might be the only person someone sees that day.

If you have asked loved ones not to blast music or announce every bad piece of news repeatedly, know that they may not have the skills to express how they are really feeling. Be patient with everyone right now. Our current situation will not last forever, yet the sting of an unkind word or action may. Use this communication tip to forgive anyone who is annoying you and try to see the bigger picture.


3. Give your loved ones a call
Some of your family members may have felt out of the loop even before the COVID-19 pandemic. More than ever, they need to feel as if they matter. Reach out to them it can be a quick call or text.

You do not have to volunteer to help them shop for groceries or offer to clean. You can walk them through ordering groceries online or offer to speak to them as they clean. Everyone at this point wants to feel as if they are still being seen. A communication tip within a communication tip is to ask how the person you are interacting with is doing first.


Give your loved ones a call


4. Talk in terms of positives
Yes, we are in the middle of a worldwide crisis. However, being in this situation does not mean we must burden loved ones due to our insecurities. The illegal wildlife market is being seen for the dangers it represents to animals and the world. Families are spending quality time together for the first time in years.

People are planning vacations, planting vegetable gardens and adopting a shelter pet. Being positive does not mean ignoring the current situation and foregoing all communication tips. It means recognizing that humans thrive on hope and kindness. If someone you know is struggling, ask them to text you what they are grateful for every day. It will make a world of difference if they follow through with the intention to text.



Talk in terms of positives

5. Practice your listening skills
Now is not the time to be dismissive of someone’s feelings because they do not match yours. If you have parents who are insisting on running errands and leaving home without protective gear, ask them why they are doing so. You may discover that they want life to return to normal so badly that they have disassociated themselves from the current situation.

Remember that listening is a two-way operation. People will not want to engage with you if you talk over them. Let everyone have their turn. Even on conference calls, look people in the eyes or in their direction. Put the phone down. Don’t rush to provide solutions.

One if the most important communication tips right now is just to listen.

6. Preface your social distancing
Not everyone is clued into what is happening in the world right now. Some people are taking social distancing as a suggestion rather than a rule.

When standing in any line or just relaying information, six feet to some people feels like a mile. If this is making you uncomfortable, simply ask if the person would mind giving you some space. Most people will apologize and step away. Remember that some people are having trouble coping or do not know any communication tips.

People may forget the new personal boundaries of staying six feet apart. If they get too close, gently remind them that you are practicing social distancing. Try not to raise your voice and smile as much as possible.


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Q Link Wireless understands that communicating properly is now more important than ever. Until April 30, 2020 we will be providing all current and new customers with an add-on of 5GB of data and Unlimited Talk and Text. Now that you are equipped with the top communication tips for quarantine and beyond, call your loved ones and connect with America.



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