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Get a FREE Phone Fast with Q Link Wireless

Get a FREE Android Phone from Q Link

 Looking for a FREE Android Phone from Q Link Wireless?

Well, you found one.  

Am I Eligible for a FREE Phone?
Check to see if you’re eligible to claim your this phone deal.

  1. You are an Affordable Connectivity Program beneficiary
    (Which includes FREE UNLIMITED Data, Talk & Text.
  2. You receive any government assistance programs including but not limited to: 
  3. Supplemental Security Income 
  4. Federal Public Housing Assistance 
  5. SNAP/EBT 
  6. Veteran’s Assistance
  7. You have not used your government device discount 

Here’s How to Get a FREE Android Phone with Q Link

Step One: Add Your FREE Phone Promo
Add your FREE Phone and Tablet^ Bundle (which includes a FREE SIM Card and a $10.01 Tablet^) to your shopping cart.  

Step Two: Transfer Your Phone Number
From your shopping cart, click “Transfer My Number.”  

Step Three: Enter Your Account Information
Enter your Account and PIN number from your current phone company.  

Step Four: Checkout
Continue to your shopping cart and checkout.
(You must co-pay $10.01 for the tablet to qualify for this offer.) 

Step Five: Get FREE Shipping
Your order will be delivered between 2-3 days with FREE Amazon Shipping.  

Step Six: Enjoy Your FREE Phone
Unbox your phone and insert your SIM Card.  

Then, you’re ready to go! 

Enjoy your FREE Phone from Q LINK WIRELESS.

Why Don’t You Give Out Phones Without the Tablet?

Despite popular belief, the Affordable Connectivity Act (ACP) communication program no longer offers FREE government cell phones.  

Every FREE device with Q Link is paid for by us. 

Why Choose Q Link Wireless’ FREE Wireless Service?
We’re known for our FREE Wireless Service including Data, Talk & Text, and offer a variety of popular smartphones including iPhones and Samsung to compliment your FREE service.  

When you’re with Q Link you’ll enjoy:  

  • FREE UNLIMITED monthly Data, Talk & Text 
  • Never paying a fee 
  • No Credit Checks 
  • No Monthly Phone Bill 
  • Bringing your favorite phone number with you 
  • Access to 10 million FREE Wi-Fi Locations 

Luckily, signing up for FREE Wireless Phone Service with Q Link is fast and simple.  

Setting up your FREE, monthly service plan is even easier.   

You won’t have to pay an activation fee when you start using your FREE Service. 

(Other companies charge $30-$60. Yikes.)  

We make it easy to get essential communication services without breaking the bank. Your FREE wireless service coverage is nationwide and is hosted on one of America’s largest 4G LTE/5G networks.  

Stop PAYING & Start SAVING. 

Get Your FREE Android Phone From Q Link 

^ACP discounted device offer is subject to product availability. Customers will be notified of device shipment and must contribute a co-payment of $10.01.Tablet offer varies by state. All sales are final. ACP Terms & Conditions apply.

Melissa Halle
Melissa Halle
Melissa Halle is a passionate writer and dedicated advocate for accessible communication and financial empowerment. With a decade of experience, her mission is to help individuals and families get FREE cell phone service while providing information on additional government benefits.

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