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Save Big This Mother’s Day: Get $50 Off Select Phones When You Add a Tablet 

Are You Struggling to Find That Perfect Mother’s Day Gift?  

You’re not alone.  

Mother’s Day is a special occasion meant to honor and appreciate mothers for all their love, sacrifice, and dedication.  

Of course, you’d be tempted to get her something nice and expensive. But what if I told you, the best gift you could give her is a phone call?  

Luckily, there are countless special offers rolling out this Mother’s Day to make this possible, such as the “$50 Off Select Phones* When You Add a Tablet^” offer.  

One of the ways you can take advantage of this deal if you’re a current Q Link Wireless member is to get the Q Link Tablet^. We recommend that you don’t skimp on this popular offer this Mother’s Day for several reasons.  

#1 You Get a $50 Discount on a New Smartphone 

The $50 discount on select phones saves you a good chunk of change if you’ve been considering a phone upgrade.  

Fifty dollars can actually save you a significant portion of money on a majority of the phones Q Link Wireless has to offer, which includes high-end phones like iPhone, Android, Google Pixel, Samsung, Motorola, and more. 

 We invite you to check out Q Link Wireless’ phones and deals

#2 You Can Finally Use Your ACP Discount for New Devices 

Did you know you can get a NEW Tablet^ for only $10.01?  

Yes, really!  

If you’ve already qualified for the Affordable Connectivity Program (ACP) and haven’t applied for your discount yet, now’s the time. In case you need a reminder, here’s what the ACP provides: 

  • A one-time discount of up to $100 on a connected internet device when you contribute between $10 to $50 toward the purchase price. (See terms & conditions here.) 
  • A monthly discount of up to $75 per month for eligible customers on Tribal lands. 

So, by providing a one-time payment of $10.01 for a Q Link Wireless Tablet^, you can start enjoying the benefits of your new device on the go with no monthly fees.  

Did we mention you can also get $50 off SELECT phones when you add a Tablet^ to your order?  

Find out how to upgrade with a Tablet^ today

#3 It’s an Excuse to Get a Tablet^ 

The “$50 Off Select Phones* When You Add a Tablet^” Mother’s Day offer gives you the opportunity to take the plunge and try out a new device you may not have considered getting before or have been too hesitant to get because of the cost.  

Well, now there’s no excuse!  

Thanks to this Mother’s Day promotion, you now have the perfect reason to enjoy multiple devices.  

#4 Get Multiple Devices & Save Money This Mother’s Day 

You might be wondering if having multiple devices is worth it.  

Well, have you ever tried to use your phone for two different tasks and somehow failed at both because you only had one screen available?  

Trust us, having more than one mobile device at your disposal is life-changing and offers you more flexibility.  

Whether it’s for entertainment, communication, or productivity, smartphones, and tablets have become essential tools we rely on every day for various personal and professional needs.  

#5 You Get a Low-cost & Easy to Use Tablet^  

The Q Link Tablet^ is intuitive and perfect for on-the-go entertainment and communication. Its lightweight and compact design makes it easy to carry around and fits comfortably in your bag and even some pockets.  

Imagine having instant access to the internet and a variety of apps for education, information, and entertainment.  

Convenient, right? While most tablets are hundreds of dollars, the Q Link Wireless Tablet^ is especially affordable (requires a $10.01 copayment) and features a quality design.  

With an 8-inch touchscreen display, 16 GB of memory, and a 5 MP front-facing camera the Q Link Tablet^ will become the go-to device for all your daily needs.  

We encourage you to view our specifications page to learn more about the Q Link Tablet or watch our video.  

#6 Your Mom Will Appreciate the Gesture 

If you’re a current Q Link Wireless customer who actively looks for deals and loves to save money, take advantage of the “$50 Off Select Phones When You Add a Tablet^” Mother’s Day promotion and stay connected to Mom.   

Saving money is a top priority these days but that doesn’t mean you need to break the bank to get your mom something special. Sometimes the best gifts can be as simple as a sentimental gesture that shows someone you care.  

With this Mother’s Day offer, you can save on multiple devices and use the ACP discount that you probably didn’t know you already had.  

But most importantly, you can tell your mom you love her with a simple phone call this Mother’s Day.  

Visit the Q Link shop today to get started. 

Mother’s Day Promo: 

*$50 dollars discount on any Smartphone above $50. This promotion is available with your ^Tablet offer.  

^Tablet offer subject to a one-time co-payment of $10.01 for the Tablet offer, available for customers who have not used their device discount before. Subject to product availability. Offer funded by the ACP. See Terms & Conditions. Discount cannot be combined with any other coupons, offers, bundles or promotions. No cash value. Offer valid for one-time use only. Other restrictions may apply. 

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