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How to Take Good Photos with Your iPhone

Speak the language of social media by posting stellar photos to your feed. Your smartphone is your greatest tool to capture photos of:

  • family
  • hangouts
  • food

Q Link Wireless has a few shooting tips on how to take good photos with your iPhone, helping you gain more followers and get more likes.


iPhone Photography



Clean your lens

Your phone has been in your pocket or pressed against your face. Dust, fingerprints and sweat can coat the lens, clouding images. Oils and dirt diffuse and fracture any light going into the lens. Carry a microfiber cloth and wipe before use. Don’t use your clothing, as the fibers will scratch the lens. Having a smudge-free lend is the first step in how to take good photos with your iPhone.


iPhone Photography



Apply the rule of thirds 

You need a blueprint to get the perfect shot. It doesn’t matter what you are shooting as long as you can divide the composition into nine imaginary horizontal and vertical boxes. Don’t stress about shooting your subjects in the center of the frame. A greater sense of space and motion comes when the photo is a little off center. It also makes the resulting images more natural.


iPhone Photography

How to take good photos with your iPhone in three steps: 

  1. Imagine a 3X3 grid.
  2. Align the subject matter with the intersecting lines.
  3. Take the picture!


Invite the light 

Lighting is so crucial to a great photo. You must carefully handle your light source. The direction, color and brightness are crucial. Professional photographers usually have strobes, reflectors and other devices to manage the light. Harness the power of natural light by making sure it is behind you, shining on your subject, which is how to take good photos with your iPhone on a sunny day.

iPhone Photography

Play around with different angles. You can shoot a person from their side or lie on the floor to gain a new perspective. The golden hour happens an hour before sunrise and sunset. Yes, you get double the opportunity each day to have the best diffused light possible for

  • longer shadows
  • greater depth
  • warmer and more even tones


The golden hour is very forgiving. Images that feature a sunrise or sunset get more engagement. Use this time for

  • landscapes
  • portraits
  • pets


Stay away from flash and digital zoom 

Flash should only be used in low-light environments. Otherwise, you may get glowing eyes or washed out skin. Try to use natural light as your go-to.


iPhone Photography

Zoom on an iPhone does not increase or decrease focal length – the length from the lens to the subject. Instead, it only zooms in on the subject for cropping purposes. If you have no other options, try to get as close as possible.


Explore your camera modes

Your iPhone camera has default settings. Use these or adjust your settings to maximize natural light and environmental factors, such as exposure and color.


iPhone Photography

Improve portraits and panoramas by playing around with your settings. Turn on the grid to start so you can easily apply the rule of thirds. Once you have that done, browse the various settings for darker, lighter and neutral images. Capture a few moving images to see which setting works best for your style. How to get good photos on your iPhone starts with knowing what you and your followers like.


Save your edits

Don’t just slap a filter on your photos. Learn how to use filters to add layers to your creativity. Editing can help you express yourself.

Robert Cornelius took the first selfie in 1839, proving that humans have always been fascinated with their own image. A millennial is expected to take over 25,700 selfies over the course of their lifetime.  Read on to see how to take good photos on your iPhone, including selfies.

Phones are portable, and it is tempting to angle the phone to capture your best side. Don’t do it! Instead of moving the phone, adjust your body and rearrange the space.


Photography tips

Putting your phone over your head does not make you look thinner or more fun. Try changing up your hand placement, popping out your knees or crossing your legs for visual interest.

For indoor days, a mirror selfie is a great idea. Again, don’t angle the phone. Practice your poses, playing with your elbows and hips. Natural light should be in front of you.

The same concepts go for selfies when you are lying down. Place a pillow under your head to highlight your face. Add a few props, such as a colorful blanket or an alarm clock, to add visual interest.



Still life photography can be fun. Food is the perfect subject to get creative with. Go beyond what is on your plate and make the most of food’s hues, textures and shapes with these iPhone photography tips.


food photography for bloggers


Cloudy days rock

You may think a sunny day is best to shoot. However, a cloudy one may be food’s best side dish. Harness the shadows from a cloudy day to add depth and visual interest.

If the sky is too blue, use white paper to diffuse the light. Pay attention to the background. Avoid mess and too much color to make the focus the food.



The rule is dark food on a dark background, and light food on a light background. If you don’t want to make too many switches, buy a large wood chopping board or a blonde wood plank. You can also use tablecloths to add variety.


Get tablecloths and tea towels in a variety of hues. White is best. However, a subtle floral print, especially if it is retro, can become your signature.

Red and green are a delicious pairing. This contrast can be great with beets and a sage tablecloth or spinach in a red bowl on a blonde oak cutting board.



Food looks great from above, especially in an interesting plate or bowl.


  • includes all the details
  • the background can be incorporated
  • emphasis on bold shapes and objects



Drinks in tall glasses and cake slices should be captured from the side. This will showcase layers and allow your image to standout.



Include the side and top view to capture 3-D shapes. Make sure to leave some breathing room around the plate to avoid overwhelming the frame.



Take the time to properly place objects in the frame. You don’t want viewers to think that you slopped the food on a plate and decided that was good enough, not knowing how to take good photos on your iPhone.  Instead, bring visual interest and balance.


iPhone Photography


Fruits and vegetables are the easiest to arrange. Cut them into similar shapes and play with simple or bold patterns. Place them on a plate or baking tray in the center or to the side of the frame.

Wipe up any spills from the plate and background. Otherwise, your viewer may be turned off.




Have fun

Spend some time shooting from different angles and arranging the food.



iPhone Photography

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