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13 Fun Things to Do During Quarantine

things to do during quarantine

Staying home during a pandemic is your best option to make sure that you and your loved ones will stay safe and remain coronavirus-free. You might be surprised to know that there are a lot of fun things to do during quarantine. You might even discover the hidden Brahms, da Vinci, Einstein or Michael Jackson in you. In this article, we explore 13 fun things to do during quarantine, besides watching TikTok videos and watching Tiger King on Netflix.

things to do during quarantine

1. Reinvent yourself

One of the first things to do during quarantine is simply realizing what you would like to improve on in your life? Do you have something that you want to change about yourself but don’t dare to do so? It’s time to reinvent yourself and boldly do what you never thought you would. Surprise your friends, relatives, and close acquaintances when you can finally see each other again face to face.

You may start by trying your hands in learning new things like Tiktok and sing along to its top tunes. You may also want to check out Quibi, which attracted many celebrities like J. Lo, Queen Latifah, Liam Hemsworth, Chrissy Teigen, and many more.

Try changing your style by checking out the latest fashion, make-up, gadgets, accessories, shoes, and hairstyles on the internet. You have ample time in your hands to make that change.

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2. Watch a movie, concert and music festivals

Who says you can no longer watch a movie with friends, go to a concert, or attend music festivals? Quarantine won’t stop you from doing those, but you need to use unconventional methods. One of the things to do during quarantine is to stream some movies, concerts, and music festivals.

You can have Netflix viewing party with your friends, but you all need to have a Netflix subscription. You may schedule the time to watch the movie at your convenience.

There’s a Google Chrome extension known as Netflix Party that you can get for free. It allows you to play and pause, and it comes with a group chat feature so you can still talk with friends while watching. It feels like you are in a movie house with your friends, but you can hog the snacks to yourself. If you want to watch Netflix on your phone, this is also a possibility, as Q Link Wireless offers 4G LTE/5G Coverage. Enjoy more coverage and faster speeds.

There are artists such as Keith Urban, John Legend, Coldplay’s Chris Martin, Pink, and others who are giving live concerts on Instagram. Matchbox Twenty’s Rob Thomas also streamed a session and tried to encourage others to do the same.

things to do during quarantine

3. Set up a virtual group hang

Quarantine is not enough to stop you and your friends from sharing hot gossips, news, and other exciting topics. Typing a text message or chat takes time and may even take away the fun of having an enjoyable conversation with friends. You can gab all you want via video chat apps.

It is nice to see your friends’ award-winning reactions and hear their boisterous laughter when you share stories and gossips – just like you always have before the quarantine. The good thing about it is that you don’t need to worry about getting home late in case you need to cover a lot of topics.

You can also gather together for a night of virtual games. You may not be able to go out and rumble, but together you can defeat your enemies in the virtual game.

4. Take time to admire the stars

When was the last time that you look up the sky and admire the gorgeous night sky? Now is the best time to admire the beauty of the stars and see if you can recognize the different star formations. You may even see something spectacular when you look out your window at night to see the sky.

5. Try some online courses

Different online courses are being offered for free. You can develop your skills in cooking, programming, photography, interior design, and other field or subject that you are interested to learn.

You may also want to learn to play a guitar or other musical instruments. After that, you may stage a mini-concert online and encourage others to learn to play an instrument.

You may also choose to learn a new language, dance, or anything that piqued your fancy. If you can’t find the time to learn something new before, now is the perfect day to start developing that skill.

6. Discover your talent in cooking

You can watch some cooking channels on YouTube and see yourself turn into a self-made chef. It is easier to learn by example as you master how the talented cooks or professional chefs assemble everything that they will need for a particular dish.

You will be able to wield a knife like an expert and chop your way to success. You can turn your kitchen into the happiest place on earth when you prepare some of the favorite and would-be favorite dishes of your whole family.

Let the members of your family join in the fun as you embark on a gastronomical journey of a lifetime. You might even discover something that can turn into a worldwide phenomenon.

If you’re on a budget, we have plenty budget-friendly tips and recipes on the blog. Here are a few suggestions to help you get started:

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  3. Create Your Own Lemonade Recipe 
  4. Pizza Crust Alternatives 

7. Get your body moving

You need to get your body moving and tone those muscles. Quarantine gives you the perfect opportunity to focus on losing weight, especially when you gained weight due to lack of mobility.

You can watch videos of different exercises that are suitable for your requirements and ability. Don’t try something difficult to follow. In the end, you might just drop the idea and stop exercising.

You may also want to try one of the online fitness classes. You can get valuable tips and techniques from the fitness class. You can use ordinary household items as weights, if you don’t have them at home. You also don’t need expensive gym equipment to give you toned muscles.

You may also want to try meditation to keep your mind and body calm and relaxed. Meditation can also help you stay focused on the more essential things that you need to do first and to keep in mind while you are quarantined.

8. Take a trip to the places you wish to visit

You can still see the world via Airbnb’s Experiences platform. You can enjoy watching a tango contest somewhere in Argentina, have a chance to meditate in a Buddhist temple, visit the dogs of Chernobyl, or enjoy a breathtaking view. The good thing about it is that you will be able to get there at a fraction of a cost that you need to spend when you take a flight.

Use Google Earth to see the national parks that you want to visit. You even get a chance to view the World Heritage sites without leaving the comfort of your home.

You can take a virtual stroll through the Louvre in France and admire the works of the world’s finest painters. You may choose to visit the other world-class museums and enrich your knowledge of the things in the past.

You can hit the beach, but you can only admire the sea and the scenery from your home. However, you can choose to add an umbrella and little things that can make you feel that you are on that beach even though you are still in your own home. A little imagination can make a big difference.

While you’re at it, you can think about the next island vacation that you wish to visit in your next virtual tour. You will be able to travel the entire world in no time.

9. Grow a vegetable garden

It is the right time to grow your own vegetables in your garden. You can be certain that you are eating something fresh, organic, and pesticide-free. This also gives you an opportunity to limit the need to go out to buy food supplies.

When you have your own garden, you simply pick the fresh produce and cook it. This also allows you to test the things that you have learned from the cooking channels.

You can also grow vegetables in the planter box if you don’t have a garden. You can use kitchen scraps to regrow some vegetables. Find a tutorial that can properly give guidance on how to grow your veggies.

10. Unleash the Monet in you

Have you ever tried drawing something? Now is the best time to try it. Who knows? You could be next Monet, Picasso, or Michelangelo. Learn to blend colors and create something that you have created on your own.

You can join the little ones in your home and discover how fun it is to deal with coloring books. You can use different coloring mediums –paints, crayons, colored pencils, and others.

You may also want to create a sort of mosaic using candy wrappers, colored papers, and glossy magazine covers.

11. Read more books and magazines

Enrich your knowledge and read more books and magazines that you can find in your home. There is a huge possibility that you have not read all of the books and magazines in your home. Even the old magazines may contain something that you still did not know.

You can also browse thousands of free magazines and ebooks online if you have finished everything in your home.

12. Do major cleaning today

The time is right to do major cleaning today. You might even find the pairs of your favorite socks that were lost a long time ago. Inspect those boxes and see if there are things that you can discard already, like the love letters of your ex-husband.

Clean your house from top to bottom and make sure not to leave a single pile of dust behind. You will feel that the air has become fresher and you have living spaces that are pleasant to the eyes.

13. Do some DIY projects

There are lots of practical DIY projects that you can find on the internet. You simply choose the ones that can help bring improvement to your home, like multi-functional kitchen cabinets. You may even incorporate your own ideas on the project.

These are just some of the fun things to do at home during the quarantine. You will surely discover some more on your own as you try these fun things for yourself.

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