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Family Game Night Just Got Better

While social distancing has eased in some states, staying home and hosting a family game night is still the safest option during the COVID-19 pandemic. Your family is probably ready to have some fun and forget the outside world for an hour or two, which will also do wonders for decreasing anxiety.

Playing games and sharing stories is the perfect way to do this. Q Link Wireless has reviewed quite a few games that can help you enjoy this unprecedented amount of family time. Create new memories and start family traditions with these family game night ideas for those you are quarantining with and ones you connect with over video conference.


You don’t need to be an artist to enjoy this classic game. In fact, the crazier the drawings, the better. It gives players something to laugh at and presents enough of a challenge to make the game last longer.


Charades is a great game to play and has been popular in America for decades. The goal is to have players guess the book, movie or television show you are acting out.

To get started, decide how long everyone has to put on their show and if the team members can guess on their own or must work with the whole team. Split your family into two teams and begin having fun.


Most adults remember Telephone from when they were in summer camp or had a substitute teacher. This game works really well with younger children. Sit on the sofa, line up chairs or spread out a blanket to begin the classic game.

One person whispers a sentence to the person beside them. That person then turns to the person next to them and repeats what they heard. Remind smaller children to use their quietest indoor voice when playing.

The fun is when someone can’t hear the sentence and makes something up.

Go Fish 

You can have up to six players and use a standard deck of cards for this game. The goal is to collect the most sets of four matching cards.

Five cards are dealt to each player. Place the remaining cards in the center of the playing area. Roll a die to see who will go first. Establish which order you will go in and on your turn, ask another player for a set of numbers. For example, you can ask your Uncle Dave for all of his threes.

If he has them, you get another turn. If he does not, he says, “Go fish!” and you draw from the pile. If you get your requested number, you get another turn. If not, the next player gets to ask for their set of numbers from anyone at the table.

Once you have four of a kind, you win!

Would You Rather

This game can be really fun if the questions are right for the age group. A preschooler might have a hard time choosing between watching Frozen and Moana. A middle schooler might want to choose between never using TikTok again and having no friends. An adult might be stumped when deciding between a stressful job with no commute and a manageable job with a tough commute.

The goal isn’t to have a winner or a loser; this is a time to get to know the inner workings of those you are closest to.

I Spy 

Turn your evening walk with the kids into something delightful. Most kids want a break from their screens and to see you happy.

Design a hunt that involves objects and animals found in your neighborhood. A quarantine scavenger hunt is more in line with I Spy than touching everything in sight. Your kids can work together or challenge each other.

List for the hunt

  1. Basketball hoop
  2. Purple flowers
  3. Unique mailbox
  4. Cat in a window
  5. Delivery truck
  6. Porch swing
  7. Bird’s nest
  8. Rabbit (real or cartoon)
  9. American flag
  10. Packages on a porch

Video conference

We might be using Zoom and Skype to work and learn, but we can also use it to play. Many families across the world have a set time to catch up. However, there are only so many things to talk about when no one can leave their home. Host a digital family game night with these ideas.


Trivia can be a lot of fun, especially if it involves your family’s favorite subject or revolves around members of your family. Well in advance, ask members to turn in questions and answers. Try to divide the questions into at least four categories.

Examples include 90s music history, family history and current events. You can have houses compete against each other. If everyone has their own device, you can have a separate chat that acts as a break-out room where players can figure out the right answer.

The only rule is to stay off Google.

Two Truths and a Lie

This game is better for adults after the kids have gone to bed. Make sure everything is lighthearted. Keep in mind that in order for a lie to be believable, it cannot have too many details or be outlandish.

Think of it as a way to insert a fun fact about yourself not many in your group would know. For example, you played soccer in Europe, were the homecoming queen, and won a scholarship because you have red hair. Your family must figure out which statement is the lie.

Dungeons & Dragons

This game is for those who love using their imagination. Dungeons & Dragons has been a popular game since the 1980s. Make yourself the Dungeon Master and keep everyone on track over the world wide web.

Pretend everyone is sitting around the table and tell your wild tale. Roll the dice with virtual ones found on Google.

Share your favorite song

One cool thing to do with family and friends, especially on a weekend night, is to share your favorite song. You can stream music on Spotify or create a specific playlist by asking everyone to email you a song.

If you are looking for something a bit more playful, ask everyone to share the song they hate to love or one that has a funny backstory, like one that reminds them of their first crush or the song they blasted when they first got their driver’s license.

Make new memories during this uncertain time. Host a family game night with loved ones at home or share the fun through Zoom or Skype. You can start a new tradition that will allow you to look back on this uncertain time with a bit of hope and love.

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